Gorilla Box Surprise

by Roasted Rich
(Los Angeles)

Get a gorilla suit. Set up your camera and point it at a big box. Get in the box. Wait for someone to come in and jump out of the box. If you do this right, the person you scare will freak out and you can use that tape for all sorts of fun things.

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Dec 05, 2014
The Gorilla Box Surprise, sounds like a prank...
by: Anonymous

I have seen videos similar to the "Gorilla Box Surprise" and it's a prank that has been done many, many times in all sorts of ways using different tactics over the years. I've seen Micky Mouse, statues, super heroes and snowmen used, along with a wide gambit of different characters.

Yes, it's all done in good fun, but I have also seen the other side of it as well. Some people have no sense of humor and I've seen pranksters get clocked big time by the intended victim of the prank. Even people who know each other have attacked pranksters and caused injury to the prankster, and the prank victim isn't always happy or receptive to seemingly harmless pranks.

Yeah, yeah, I'm a naysayer, but there is a bit of wisdom and a cautionary tale here to consider. If you do something like this, just be careful and don't let you or anyone else get hurt by it... Let fun be fun, but don't let it hurt anyone, because that is never fun.

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