Trucking TV Series or Documentary Idea

by Georgi Metodiev Nikolov

Hallo my name is Georgi Metodiev Nikolov. I think I have a great idea for tv show and tv series with tow standart units (tow standart lorries) and 4 hgv driver's or one standart unit's (one standart lorry). The drivers will go around the world and the tv show will be about their adventures traveling in huge truck country to country.

This will be the first tv series in the world with standart units (with standart lorries) I know for different trucking TV show or TV series and trucking competition where the truckers go in several different countries but I don't know for tv show or tv series where the truckers go araud the world. yes I think they go but with special lorries with special saspention and a lot of many more special thing's by lorries and I'm not sure they go whole world and I speak for units -- the unit is tractor unit with semi trailer. the other people go only with rigid lorry. beascly this is half lorry for real truckers the rigid lorry is mach shorter lorry than whole unit. I think for viewers will be much more interesting if the lorries are longer.

I want to drive with my father in that show. I want to be the first guy with my father go araud the world with standard unit.

I personali have tree years and half work experience as continental hgv driver and I go in fifften different country's from eastern Europe to western Europe and Britan. My father also has continental work experience as a hgv driver. My father go from Portugal to Russia and former Russian state (Uzbekistan Kazakhstan Turkmenistan tagkistan) and many more from Sweden and UK to Irag Turkey Italy.

My father drives in many many many different countries.

If you like my idea for the tv series please contact with me. I will give you my skype.

I also have idea for main sponsor for the whole trip around the world. There are one or two corporations which will pay for maybe everything, but I want to negotiate with these corporation.

Of course with your halp I also think these corporation will give us the lorries and the trailers because for these corporation this will be amazing world wide publicity and advertising for these corporation on their products because of that I think they will want to sponsor almost whole trip.

This is my email: georgi.nikolov83@gmail.com

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Apr 12, 2012
What's the human element?
by: Desktop Documentaries

Hi Georgi,

Thank you for your idea. Your job driving big trucks around the world sounds very exciting!

For this to be an interesting show, there will need to be some kind of drama. What kind of drama or interesting things happen to you and your father during these trips? What are the good stories?


Jul 16, 2012
Trucking Documentary
by: HigB

I've driven trucks since 1997. I have so much experience and I'm proficient at driving trucks yet trucking sucks because of LONG 70+ hours a week, never getting home, sitting for hours at docks without pay burning into your driving hours where you could be making money, Driving regulations to worry about, DOT police checking you at check points, poor eating at truck stops, LOT Lizzards in huge truck stops like West Memphis and small ones like West Virginia banging on your door all night, truckers cussing each other out playing CB Rambo (basically no respect between drivers), arriving at a truck stop at 11PM with not a single slot to slip into, sleeping on the get on ramp with your truck leaning hard in a rut and police knocking on your door saying you must move or be fined.

I have a GoPro, a 5D MarkII, a Canon HV30, a Smart phone camera, a Rode mic, a Zoom H2N recorder, editing software, a strong desire to get my story out to the general public.

There is so much drama in trucking. The drama will write itself in as its being recorded.
Drivers fighting with other driver, fuel desk clerks, shipping and receiving, dispatch, brokers, wives at home, drivers quitting and being hired in at a rate of 10 or more a week at each terminal per each trucking company, guys having heart attacks from eating buffets 2 times a day and weighing 350 lbs sitting behind a wheel 27 days with no exercise.

Contact me at higb7@yahoo.com to hear more.

Sep 19, 2012
i'm here Georgi Metodiev Nikolov
by: Georgi Metodiev Nikolov

Are you receive my emails and my pictures of me and my lorry and my father and his lorry six mouths ago on 12 April you answer me that you very like my idea for new documentary trucking tv show tv series and you want from me and my father pictures of us and our driven lorries also what are the good stories the bad stories the drama also to tell you what happened in some of our trips with my father I email you all these (those) things on: info@desktop-documentaries.com Also I'm found and I'm connected with one owner of film production company who wants to shoot the trucking TVs show TVs series but they don't want to broadcast the trucking TVs show TVs series on some television somebody can help me I to found a television who want to broadcast my trucking TVs show TVs series

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