Workout 9 to 5 | Documentary Idea

by Paul Kerr

Photo for illustration only, not me :)

Photo for illustration only, not me :)

Firstly, my names Paul Kerr, 24 from Dumbarton (Glasgow) and your valued time reading this is much appreciated.

I’ve worked in a call centre dealing with insurance complaints since I left school in 2007 at 17 and have been stuck in here in a job I hate ever since.

In school I was a big fan of sport and fitness, and of course, my favourite subject being PE. I had PE 5 times a week which included swimming, basketball, football, badminton, hockey….the list goes on. During this time, I was, as we would say in Glasgow, as “fit as a butcher’s dog”, and had the body to show this. Now, since working in a call centre in the middle of Glasgow surrounded by fast food joints and bars, let’s just say I’m glad I’m not swimming every week as I fear I’d sink instantly.

Now, to the point of my email. I spend every night watching TV, witnessing men and woman twice my age with 6 packs and bodies people would kill for, and think why can’t I do this?…..then it hits me…… It’s because I’m not getting paid silly money, having my meals specially made and prepared for me every day, have a personal training wake me up at 6am to work out all day and have all gym fees paid for.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have all the respect in the world for people who work hard at something and achieve their goals, but it annoys me when celebrities have their “New Workout DVD” on sale, and people like Gerard Butler (who I am a fan of) giving hints and tips in this weeks Men’s fitness.

The idea behind my email, is try all of the above, the meals, the personal trainer, the gym workouts, but try it within the schedule of a typical young call centre worker, working 9-5 Monday to Friday, who’d be willing to go through all of the hard work. I’d be interested to see if the results would be similar, wouldn’t you?

I think the above would make interesting, and lets be honest, hilarious TV and personally, I feel there are many people in the same position as me who generally want that high school fitness level / body back, but at times, are literally unable to do it, therefore, my reasons why I feel this would make an interesting documentary.

I hope this hasn’t been a waste of your time, now I must go and pretend to enjoy my job.

All the best,


P.S – I haven’t thought of a name as of yet, but thinking something along the lines of;

“The 9-5 Workout”
“The Call Centre Workout”
“Food and Beers, now Close to Tears”
“Can’t Eat, Gym Freak”
“Working Out 9-5 “ (I’m sure you can guess the theme tune)


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