BCF Film Fund | Documentary Film Grant

by Minette Nelson
(San Francisco, CA)

The Blueprint for Communities Foundation Film Fund

The Blueprint for Communities Foundation Film Fund

The Blueprint for Communities Foundation Film Fund (bcfFILMfund) is providing assistance to filmmakers who have identified a compelling injustice that deserves exposure in order to garner a greater audience.

Social inequities, ethical breeches and insults to the environment are all of particular relevance.

Our intention at bcfFILMfund is to offer funding to film projects that have been thoroughly researched and are already in the development process.

While we are interested in important stories, that is less a matter of scale than emotional magnitude.

“The audience reaction after a particularly moving doc at last years Sundance Festival was akin to watching 1000 people simultaneously have a “eureka” moment. Each and every person there recognized that they could be a part of change. We saw a way to create that momentum for others by focusing the Blueprint for Communities Foundation on documentary film funding.” --Minette Nelson/BCF Film Fund

Filmmakers, whose work is passionate, and have a proven ability to craft a story are all encouraged to apply for our support.

Documentary filmmaking seems to us to be an exquisite art form that shines a spotlight on that which deserves illumination. As backers, we are looking for those who share that vision.

“A well crafted documentary should move the viewer, outrage the viewer, or both. Ideally its content, will also spur others into action. Sadly, the human race consistently manages to commit injustice and perhaps the most effective way of righting those wrongs is through the artful portrayal of those offenses.” --David Eckles/BCF Film Fund

Applications are considered on a rolling basis. Thorough detail on research, access and existing funding commitments are requested.

For More Information: bcffilmfund.com

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Jun 29, 2013
Amount of Grants?
by: Desktop Documentaries

Thanks, Minette, for sharing about your grant. The documentary filmmaking community thanks you too!

Would you mind sharing what is the average amount of the grants you reward to filmmakers? And do you accept submissions from the international community or just the United States?

By the way, I think it's really great that you accept applications on a rolling basis which provides a lot more flexibility to the filmmaker.

Thanks again!

Jun 22, 2015
Answered prayers

Have been looking for grants for my upcoming documentary concerning the stigma of slaves family. Despite the family settled at a place named after British colonial administrator sir Henry Bartle Frere. The 'wafrere' as they are local named have not been included in the national tribes. Any assistance in this documentary will be highly appreciated.

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