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The Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation is a UK-based non-profit dedicated to reinventing funding and distribution models for documentary filmmakers. The mission of the Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation is to empower documentary filmmaking. We do this - on and offline - by enabling great films with global ambition, by brokering new partners and by helping to build new business models for filmmakers to deploy.

We are supported by Channel 4 TV and other sponsors, both in the UK and internationally.

We offer two funding programmes -

The PUMA. Creative Catalyst Award: A new international rapid response development fund for international filmmakers.

The BRITDOC fund: for production or completion financing on your documentary film if you are a British filmmaker or an international filmmaker living in the UK.

We are a team that understands documentary, from development to distribution; experts in brokering new partnerships between film and foundations, brands and broadcasters.

We are proud to have supported the production of over 60 award-winning films since 2005.

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Mar 20, 2013
Poitier Family Documentary
by: Vera Poitier-Chase

I am a Writer, Published Author of African Ancestry, I live in Nassau Bahamas.My interest as a Writer are many,in particular Genealogy and History. This has prompted me to begin the investigation of my life time which is to discover the origin of my father's last name, which is also my own "Poitier".

In 1991, I began to search American Records in Florida, Alabama and Georgia in the United States thinking that perhaps Mr. Poitier had travelled to the Bahamas as an Anerican Loyalists with slaves after the American War of Independence in 1776.

Over the past twenty (20) years,my investigative researches and travels have taken me to far away Caribbean Islands of Jamaica and Antigua,Countries of Canada and England.Also extensive record search in the French Islands of St. Croix,Haiti, and Martinique.
On the Internet,I discovered the French Province called Poitier's,in France but did not make the connection that perhaps this was the Province where the "Poitier's" received their last name.

During a trip to England in 1997, I visited the local cemetery in Weybridge, A Librarian at the Weybridge Library,gave me the information that directed me on a successful path to success. She told me to search the records in the Bahamas, also sold me a Historical Book called "The Atlantic Slave Trade" by Hugh Thomas.

I did find Colonel Charles Poitier in Bahamian Records who was born in England and was sent to Jamaica by the English Government, then to the Bahamas, he brought his slaves.I have confirmed this information by requesting a copy of Mr. Poitier's Slave Registry.Here my gggg grandfather, March Sr (59). and his son, March(9) are listed.

Because of my "post" at "English Genealogy",Charles Poitier's gggg grandson responded from Melbourne Australia.
A DNA Test has confirmed that our African Roots are with The Mende people of Sierra Leone,West Africa.
Charles Poitier who was the "Comptroller of Customs" in the early Bahamas died in 1821 and is buried in Western Cemetery, Nassau, Bahamas.

Apr 18, 2014
Documentary Charles Poitier England/Jamaica/Bahamas
by: Vera Poitier-Chase

I am a Writer and Historian of the Early Bahamas
500 AD - 1838. Charles Poitier was a man I researched during my quest to find my Poitier Family Ancestry.I am impressed with the role he played in the History of England, Jamaica and the Bahamas. Also,his favorable approach to Slavery.

I believe that a Documentary about Mr. Poitier who was honored many times during his Career for service to the British Government in the late 18th Century is long over due. I ask your assistance to be the first to do this along with Mr. Poitier's Great, great, great grandson who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Charles Poitier is buried in the Bahamas.

My Article about Mr. Poitier is posted at your web site.Kindly advise.

Oct 06, 2017
info is out of date
by: Anonymous

Britdoc is now called Docsociety, and its grants have changed.

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