Pacific Pioneer Fund | Documentary Film Grant

The mission of this film grant is to support emerging documentary filmmakers. The term "emerging" is intended to denote a person committed to the craft of making documentaries, who has demonstrated that commitment by several years -- but no more than ten -- of practical film or video experience.

Program & Limitations

Limited to organizations anywhere in the US, certified by the IRS as "public charities". The fund does not provide support for endowments, building campaigns, accumulated deficits, or ordinary operating budgets, or make grants to individuals. The fund does not support instructional or performance documentaries or student film projects. Filmmakers are eligible for only one grant from the Pacific Pioneer Fund during their careers.

Geographical Limitations

Grants to support filmmakers are limited to filmmakers or videographers who live and work in California, Oregon and Washington.

Total Annual Grants

Approximately $100,000

Grant Range


Funding Cycle

The board meets three times a year. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Rejected applicants must wait one year to reapply.

Preferred Contact

Print out an application from this web site and send it, along with a DVD of up to 10 minutes of edited footage from the project for which support is sought, to 2887 College Ave., Suite 106, Berkeley, CA 94705 If you have questions, email Armin Rosencranz: armin@stanford.edu.

For more information about this grant: Pacific Pioneer Fund

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