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A great documentary resource I just found
February 06, 2011 – Documentary Tips Newsletter

Issue #2 – February 6, 2011 –

A Great Documentary Resource I Just Found

It's called the Internet Archive and I cannot over exaggerate the awesomeness of this fantastic resource.

Are you in need of some historical clips for your documentary? Perhaps you need footage of 1940's bomber planes or factory workers. Or what about TV commercial clips from the 1960's?

Tens of thousands of FREE film clips are available for instant download as part of a massive online archive of historical films, videos and audio dating back more than 100 years.

There is no catch. These are free and available to the public.

The Internet Archive is a non-profit website at

You can find everything from 1950's educational vignettes, to WWII news footage, cartoons, video games, animation and concerts. There is even an archive of national news coverage from 9/11. The collection includes the Prelinger Archives of more than 60,000 non-fiction ephemeral (educational/industrial/promotional) films.

The majority of film clips in the Internet Archive are free with unrestricted access, although you need to check the text box to the left of each clip for copyright information and restrictions.

You can even find videos that other filmmakers have put together using clips they found in the Internet Archive. These fun little movies are called “mashups”. You can watch examples of video mashups here.

The Internet Archive is a phenomenal resource, especially if your documentary is historical in nature and you need to find footage that covers past events such as the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, the Vietnam war or old timey burlesque shows.

So visit and get inspired!

I've also posted a few video samples of the archive on my website at

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