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Documentary Tips, Issue #015 -- Don't make these mistakes
August 30, 2012 – Documentary Tips Newsletter

Issue #15 – August 30, 2012 –

Lessons Learned: Producing A Documentary

Something I've been working on this month is the 10th Anniversary Edition of my first feature-length documentary Briars in the Cotton Patch which premiered in 2003 and launched nationally on PBS in 2005.

It's been an interesting process because I get to revisit a project with new eyes and a fresh perspective.

Have you ever looked back on a project and wondered what you would do differently if you had to do it all over again?

Click here to read my latest article Producing a Documentary: Top Five Lessons Learned.

And share with us YOUR top lessons learned.

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Guest Blog: Video Lighting Techniques -- Some great lighting tips from guest blogger Lorraine Grula. Thanks Lorraine!

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