Documentary Starter Kit

Documentary Starter Kit (Mini-Course)

A FREE 3-part mini-course to help you get started on your documentary. Includes tangible actionable steps, a pre-production check-list and documentary gear starter package ideas.


Documentary Starter Kit

7 Day Documentary Crash Course

7-Day Documentary Crash Course

Learn step-by-step how to make a documentary from idea to completed film! Daily assignments, quizzes and assignments. Get 4-years worth of film school condensed into 7 days. Highly rated!

7-Day Documentary Crash Course

Documentary Storytelling and Scriptwriting Course

Documentary Storytelling & Scriptwriting 101 Essentials Masterclass

Go step by step through the pre-production, production and storytelling process to create a powerful documentary that entertains, enlightens & inspires.

Get script templates, story breakdowns, worksheetscase studies and more!

Lights, Camera, Pitch! Documentary Cash-Winning Guide

Lights, Camera, Pitch! Documentary Cash-Winning Guide

Learn essential fundraising concepts quickly and easily with 18 modules of core content that take you step-by-step through finding money for your film. You'll be amazed what you learn in this course!

Documentary Fundraising 101

Documentary Proposal Template Pack

Documentary Proposal Template Pack

Use our pre-formatted template and step-by-step grant writing tutorial to create a stunning proposal to raise money and support for your documentary. 

Everything is formatted and ready to go!

Documentary Budget Template Pack (Bundle)

Documentary Budget Template Pack

(Discount Bundle)

A complete pack of budgeting tools.

Includes: budget templates, sample budgets, going rates sheet, video tutorials and budgeting masterclass.

Ultimate Documentary Budgeting System

Cash Flow Worksheet woman CARD

Documentary Cash Flow Worksheet + Tutorial (FREE)

This handy worksheet is a simple yet powerful budgeting tool that helps you determine your cash flow needs throughout the course of your documentary project. Included: Worksheet + Mini-Budgeting Video Tutorial

Documentary Legal Forms Starter Pack

Documentary Legal Forms [Starter Pack]

A starter pack of legal forms and contracts.

Pack includes: Talent Release, Location Release, Materials Release, Group Release, Background Release, Poster-Style Release, Crew Deal Memo and Life Rights Release

Documentary Legal Forms Post Production Pack

Documentary Legal Forms [Post-Production Pack]

A pack of legal forms and contracts for use during the post-production phase.

Pack includes: Voice Talent Agreement, Music Master Use License, Music Sync License, Music Composer Agreements (2), 3rd Party Content License.

Documentary Legal Forms Post-Production

Documentary Legal & Business Essentials Course

Legal & Business Essentials for Documentary Filmmakers

Entertainment Attorney Gordon Firemark teaches this 6-part legal crash course covering THE must-know legal & business essentials when making a documentary. Includes 21 video tutorials, quizzes, downloads, plus 100+ legal Q&A's.

Documentary Legal & Business Tool Kit

Documentary Legal & BusinessTool Kit

(Discount Bundle)

Includes 14 legal forms/contracts, plus lifetime access to the Legal/Business Essentials for Documentary Filmmakers (21 video tutorials, quizzes, downloads, 100+ Q&A database).

From Entertainment Attorney Gordon Firemark, a must-have resource for all documentary filmmakers.

Documentary Pitch Template Package

The Ultimate Documentary Pitch Template Package

(Discount Bundle)

Get ALL the templates, tools and resources to pitch your documentary like a pro.

Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit

Documentary Sales & Distribution Course

Documentary Sales & Distribution: Selling Your Film For Maximum Profit and Impact

Create a monetization plan for your documentary and generate multiple streams of income.


Selling Your Documentary To Netflix and the Streamers

What You Need to Know, How to Pitch Netflix, Who to Contact, Idea Development, Letter/Proposal Templates, Downloads, Worksheets, Interactive Database, Deal Terms and more!


NEW! Documentary Production Roadmap: 50+ Case Studies

Get inside strategies & data from 50 award-winning documentaries/unscripted projects. Researched and compiled by Peter Hamilton Consulting, Inc.