Documentary Starter Kit

Documentary Starter Kit (Mini-Course)

A FREE 3-part mini-course to help you get started on your documentary. Includes tangible actionable steps, a pre-production check-list and documentary gear starter package ideas.


Documentary Starter Kit

7-Day Documentary Crash Course

7-Day Documentary Crash Course + Legal Forms Pack

Learn step-by-step how to make a documentary from idea to completed film! Daily assignments, quizzes and assignments. Get 4-years worth of film school condensed into 7 days. Highly rated! (For a limited time get a free pack of legal forms & contracts)

7-Day Documentary Crash Course

Documentary Storytelling and Scriptwriting

Documentary Storytelling & Scriptwriting

Dive deep into the storytelling process and learn how to turn complex real life stories into compelling films. Go step by step through the pre-production, production and storytelling process to create a powerful documentary that entertains, enlightens & inspires.

Documentary Fundraising 101

Documentary Fundraising 101 Course 2.0

Learn essential fundraising concepts quickly and easily with 18 modules of core content that take you step-by-step through finding money for your film. You'll be amazed what you learn in this course!

Documentary Fundraising 101

Documentary Proposal Template Pack

Use our pre-formatted template and step-by-step grant writing tutorial to create a stunning proposal to raise money and support for your documentary. 

Everything is formatted and ready to go!

Documentary Budget Template Pack

(Discount Bundle)

A complete pack of budgeting tools.

Includes: budget templates, sample budgets, going rates sheet, video tutorials and budgeting masterclass.

Ultimate Documentary Budgeting System

Documentary Cash Flow Worksheet + Tutorial (FREE)

This handy worksheet is a simple yet powerful budgeting tool that helps you determine your cash flow needs throughout the course of your documentary project.

Included: Worksheet + Mini-Budgeting Video Tutorial

Documentary Legal Forms [Starter Pack]

A starter pack of legal forms and contracts.

Pack includes: Talent Release, Location Release, Materials Release, Group Release, Background Release, Poster-Style Release, Crew Deal Memo and Life Rights Release

Documentary Legal Forms Post-Production

Documentary Legal Forms [Post-Production Pack]

A pack of legal forms and contracts for use during the post-production phase.

Pack includes: Voice Talent Agreement, Music Master Use License, Music Sync License, Music Composer Agreements (2), 3rd Party Content License.

Documentary Legal Forms Post-Production

NEW! Legal & Business Essentials for Documentary Filmmakers

Entertainment Attorney Gordon Firemark teaches this 6-part legal crash course covering THE must-know legal & business essentials when making a documentary. Includes 21 video tutorials, quizzes, downloads, plus 60+ legal Q&A's.

Documentary Legal Tool Kit

(Discount Bundle)

Includes 14 legal forms/contracts, plus lifetime access to the Legal/Business Essentials for Documentary Filmmakers (21 video tutorials, quizzes, downloads, 60+ Q&A database).

From Entertainment Attorney Gordon Firemark, a must-have resource for all documentary filmmakers.

Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit

Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit

(Discount Bundle)

Get ALL the fundraising courses and templates at a bundled discount.

Includes: Documentary Fundraising 101 Course, Proposal Template Pack, Budgeting Masterclass, Budget Template Pack, Going Rates Handbook, Budget Samples Pack and Cash Flow Worksheet.

Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit

NEW! Netflix 2021: Selling Your Documentary To Netflix

What You Need to Know, How to Pitch Netflix, Who to Contact, Idea Development, Letter/Proposal Templates, Downloads, Worksheets, Interactive Database, Deal Terms and more!

NEW! Documentary Production Roadmap: 46 Case Studies

Get inside strategies & data from 46 award-winning documentaries/unscripted projects. Researched and compiled by Peter Hamilton Consulting, Inc.

Sweet Spots Guide

NEW! Sweet Spots 2021: Television Rates & Financials

What do TV channels + NETFLIX pay for original programs, documentaries, specials and reality series? In this exclusive in-depth guide, get production cost benchmarks for 32 U.S. factual networks including Netflix!