Documentary Starter Kit

Documentary Starter Kit (Mini-Course)

A FREE 3-part mini-course to help you get started on your documentary. Includes tangible actionable steps, a pre-production check-list and documentary gear starter package ideas.

Documentary Starter Kit

7-Day Documentary Crash Course

7-Day Documentary Crash Course

Learn step-by-step how to make a documentary from idea to completed film! Daily assignments, quizzes and assignments. Get 4-years worth of film school condensed into 7 days. Highly rated!

7-Day Documentary Crash Course

Documentary Storytelling and Scriptwriting

Documentary Storytelling & Scriptwriting

Dive deep into the storytelling process and learn how to turn complex real life stories into compelling films. Go step by step through the pre-production, production and storytelling process to create a powerful documentary that entertains, enlightens & inspires.

Documentary Scriptwriting Template

A complete documentary script template. Plus a step by step tutorial on how to properly format your script using professional, industry-standard scriptwriting practices.

Documentary Budgeting Masterclass with Jilann Spitzmiller

Documentary Budgeting Masterclass

Jilann Spitzmiller has raised more than $1-million for her documentary projects and teaches her exact methods and insights for creating professional documentary budgets that WIN funding. 

Documentary Fundraising 101

Documentary Fundraising 101

Learn essential fundraising concepts through 10+ fun and easy explainer videos. Plus 18 modules of core content that take you step-by-step through finding money for your film. You'll be amazed what you learn in this course!

Documentary Fundraising 101

Documentary Proposal Template Pack


Use our pre-formatted template and step-by-step grant writing tutorial to create a stunning proposal to raise money and support for your documentary. 

Everything is formatted and ready to go!

Documentary Budget Templates Pack

A pack of two budget templates in Excel format, one simple and one detailed.

Includes 44-minutes of video tutorials.

2019 Documentary Going Rates Handbook

An up-to-date document with current price ranges and considerations for just about every line item you can think of, and will help you create a more accurate budget. It's a must-have resource that will save you tons of time researching costs and trying to figure out the line items that you'll actually need.    

Documentary Budget Samples

Documentary Budget Samples Pack

Three real-world documentary sample budgets ranging from $20K to $545K.

A fantastic resource to use as a reference guide for your own budget.

Documentary Cash Flow Worksheet + Tutorial (FREE)

This handy worksheet is a simple yet powerful budgeting tool that helps you determine your cash flow needs throughout the course of your documentary project.

Included: Worksheet + Mini-Budgeting Video Tutorial

Documentary Legal Forms [Starter Pack]

A starter pack of legal forms and contracts.

Pack includes: Talent Release, Location Release, Materials Release, Group Release, Background Release, Poster-Style Release, Crew Deal Memo and Life Rights Release

Documentary Legal Forms Post-Production

Documentary Legal Forms [Post-Production Pack]

A pack of legal forms and contracts for use during the post-production phase.

Pack includes: Voice Talent Agreement, Music Master Use License, Music Sync License, Music Composer Agreements (2), 3rd Party Content License.

Documentary Legal Forms Post-Production

Legal Forms Multi-Pack

Documentary Legal Forms Multi-Pack

All legal forms sold together in one discounted bundle. (14 forms total)

Includes: Starter Forms Pack (8 forms) + Post-Production Forms Pack (6 forms)

Legal Forms Multi-Pack

Ultimate Documentary Budgeting System

Get all the budgeting templates, courses and tools in one discounted bundle.

Includes: Documentary Budgeting Masterclass, Budget Template Pack, Going Rates Handbook, Budget Samples Pack and Cash Flow Worksheet.

Ultimate Documentary Budgeting System

Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit

Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit

Get all the fundraising courses and templates at a bundled discount.

Includes: Documentary Fundraising 101 Course, Proposal Template Pack, Budgeting Masterclass, Budget Template Pack, Going Rates Handbook, Budget Samples Pack and Cash Flow Worksheet.

Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit

Sponsored Partner Course

Ken Burns Teaches Documentary Filmmaking

Ken Burns is arguably America’s most celebrated filmmaker of historical documentaries with nearly 40 years of masterful storytelling. Learn how the 15-time Emmy Award winner captures “the drama of truth” from first treatment to final edit. Part of the MasterClass series.