Documentary Budgeting Masterclass with Jilann Spitzmiller

Documentary Budgeting Masterclass

Jilann Spitzmiller has raised more than $1-million for her documentary projects and teaches her exact methods and insights for creating professional documentary budgets that WIN funding. 

Documentary Budget Templates Pack

A pack of two budget templates in Excel format, one simple and one detailed.

Includes 44-minutes of video tutorials.

2019 Documentary Going Rates Handbook

An up-to-date document with current price ranges and considerations for just about every line item you can think of, and will help you create a more accurate budget. It's a must-have resource that will save you tons of time researching costs and trying to figure out the line items that you'll actually need.    

Documentary Budget Samples

Documentary Budget Samples Pack

Three real-world documentary sample budgets ranging from $20K to $545K.

A fantastic resource to use as a reference guide for your own budget.

Ultimate Documentary Budgeting System

Get all the budgeting templates, courses and tools in one discounted bundle.

Includes: Documentary Budgeting Masterclass, Budget Template Pack, Going Rates Handbook, Budget Samples Pack and Cash Flow Worksheet.

Ultimate Documentary Budgeting System