Documentary Budget Template Pack (Bundle)

Documentary Budget Template Pack

(Discount Bundle)

A complete pack of budgeting tools.

Includes: budget templates, sample budgets, going rates sheet, video tutorials and budgeting masterclass.

Ultimate Documentary Budgeting System

Documentary Legal & Business Tool Kit

Documentary Legal & BusinessTool Kit

(Discount Bundle)

Includes 14 legal forms/contracts, plus lifetime access to the Legal/Business Essentials for Documentary Filmmakers (21 video tutorials, quizzes, downloads, 100+ Q&A database).

From Entertainment Attorney Gordon Firemark, a must-have resource for all documentary filmmakers.

Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit

Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit

(Discount Bundle)

Get ALL the fundraising courses and templates at a bundled discount.

Includes: Documentary Fundraising 101 Course, Proposal Template Pack, Budgeting Masterclass, Budget Template Pack, Going Rates Handbook, Budget Samples Pack and Cash Flow Worksheet.

Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit


7-Day Documentary Crash Course + Legal Forms Pack

Learn step-by-step how to make a documentary from idea to completed film! Daily assignments, quizzes and assignments. Get 4-years worth of film school condensed into 7 days. Highly rated!

7-Day Documentary Crash Course