NEW! Netflix 2020: How To Get Your Documentary On Netflix

An in-depth 156-page guide from a Senior-level television executive with strategies & data to help streamline your path to a Netflix deal!

Sweet Spots Guide

NEW! Sweet Spots 2020: Television Rates & Financials

What do TV channels + NETFLIX pay for original programs, documentaries, specials and reality series? In this exclusive in-depth guide, get production cost benchmarks for 31 U.S. factual networks including Netflix!

NEW! Documentary Production Roadmap: 34 Case Studies

Get inside strategies & data from 34 award-winning documentaries/unscripted projects. Compiled by Peter Hamilton Consulting, Inc.

Film Sales and Distribution

COMING SOON! Film Sales & Distribution

Learn how to generate revenue with your documentary in this in-depth 6-day distribution bootcamp!