Film Sales and Distribution

NEW! How To Sell Your Film: The ULTIMATE Guide to Documentary Distribution

Create a monetization plan for your documentary inside this comprehensive film sales and distribution course. 

NEW! Selling Your Documentary To Netflix

What You Need to Know, How to Pitch Netflix, Who to Contact, Idea Development, Letter/Proposal Templates, Downloads, Worksheets, Interactive Database, Deal Terms and more!

Sweet Spots Guide

NEW! Sweet Spots 2021: Television Rates & Financials

What do TV channels + NETFLIX pay for original programs, documentaries, specials and reality series? In this exclusive in-depth guide, get production cost benchmarks for 32 U.S. factual networks including Netflix!

NEW! Documentary Production Roadmap: 50 Case Studies

Get inside strategies & data from 50 award-winning documentaries/unscripted projects. Researched and compiled by Peter Hamilton Consulting, Inc.