Documentary Starter Kit

Documentary Starter Kit (Mini-Course)

A FREE 3-part mini-course to help you get started on your documentary. Includes tangible actionable steps, a pre-production check-list and documentary gear starter package ideas.


Documentary Starter Kit

7-Day Documentary Crash Course

7-Day Documentary Crash Course + Legal Forms Pack

Learn step-by-step how to make a documentary from idea to completed film! Daily assignments, quizzes and assignments. Get 4-years worth of film school condensed into 7 days. Highly rated! (For a limited time get a free pack of legal forms & contracts)

7-Day Documentary Crash Course

Documentary Storytelling and Scriptwriting

Documentary Storytelling & Scriptwriting

Dive deep into the storytelling process and learn how to turn complex real life stories into compelling films. Go step by step through the pre-production, production and storytelling process to create a powerful documentary that entertains, enlightens & inspires.