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About your documentary
June 30, 2011 – Documentary Tips Newsletter

Issue #3 – June 30, 2011 –

Tell Us About Your Documentary Project

I'm excited to say that this E-zine is all about YOU and YOUR documentary project. Our team is in process of putting together some fun webinars and tutorials and it occurred to us that, duh, we should ask our subscribers what they want!

We'd like to know what's happening with your project and if we should gear any of our content or training materials toward something specific that would help you right here, right now.

Are you currently working on a documentary project or got an idea for a documentary project? Let us know the challenges and frustrations you're dealing with as you go through the filmmaking process.

Questionaire About Your Documentary

Take Our Quick Survey

We've created a super simple, super quick 1-minute survey for you to share where you are with your documentary project and what you need help with.

Here's the link:

Questionaire About Your Documentary

Again, it only takes a minute to fill out and your answers will help us customize our training and content to help you and other filmmakers.

What's New at Desktop Documentaries?

Distributing Your Documentary – A quick how-to guide to get your documentary in film festivals, theaters, broadcast on TV, Video On Demand and in the press.

Directing the Documentary - What's it take to direct a documentary?

Filmmaker Q & A - Check out my interview (just posted today!) with San Diego filmmaker Kenton Hoppas about his latest documentary.

Review of - Read about my experience with this mega online resource for stock footage.

Documentary Ideas – Visitors continue to submit lots of fantastic ideas. Take a look and maybe even submit your own idea!

Helpful Resources:

I only promote products and services that I personally use and LOVE.

Animoto – Edit gorgeous videos without any experience whatsoever
B&H Photo Video - Every piece of equipment you'll ever need to make your documentary
KickStarter - Need funding for your documentary? This is a fantastic service.

Check it out. Desktop Documentaries is on Facebook!

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