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Documentary Tips, Issue #013 -- Fundraising Quick Tips
May 16, 2012 – Documentary Tips Newsletter

Issue #13 – May 16, 2012 –


Desktop Documentaries Chosen As Top Website

We are excited to announce that Desktop Documentaries is listed as one of the top 5 websites for amateur filmmakers on
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New Look for 2012! Same Great Tools

Documentary Proposal and Budget Template Combo Pack

Our documentary proposal and budget templates have a snazzy new look for 2012. These are the same great products helping documentary producers around the world put together professional documentary proposal packages.

5 Fundraising Quick Tips

Have you ever heard a filmmaker say "Yay, I get to do fundraising today!" I'm guessing that most of us get involved in filmmaking to make documentaries, not raise money. Even with the relatively low cost of production, money is still needed to make films.

So how do you give yourself the BEST chance of raising funds for your film?

Here are my top 5 quick tips:

  1. Create a fundraising trailer. People need to see your vision and be inspired by the story you want to tell.

  2. Even if your entire budget is $250,000 never ask for that. Big numbers overwhelm most people and it’s hard for them to understand where all that money is going. Start your fundraising with small amounts for a specific purpose.

  3. Get some "gray hair" on your fundraising team. Fundraising is all about relationships and if you can get people on your team with a wide network of connections, friendships and influence, you'll have better luck raising funds.

  4. Move forward with your documentary even if you don’t have money! It’s easier for people to join something that’s already in motion rather than feel like the project succeeds or fails because of them. So start filming, keep filming and people WILL come forward to help you.

  5. Launch a Facebook page as quickly as possible to start building a base of support. Fans of your project will tend to give many times over the course of your project if they are kept up to date and engaged in the process. And don't just ask for money, TELL STORIES -- about your project, your anxiety about the project, about characters in your film, etc.

Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit

Documentary Fundraising Tool KitAs you might can tell, I've got fundraising on my mind! I'm currently putting the finishing touches on a new Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit.

It's an amazing set of tools to help filmmakers get the money they need to make their documentaries.

I will be giving away some FREE promotional kits. Stay tuned for a special announcement coming soon!

What's New at Desktop Documentaries?

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Why I bought the Canon 60D - Scott from just bought some new equipment and he's excited to share what he's learned.

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Need Help With Your Documentary?

Documentary Coaching - Do you have a documentary idea you need help hashing out? Are you struggling with some aspect of the documentary filmmaking process? Need help fundraising? Submit a simple request form and we'll go from there!

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