Adam and Me | Documentary Idea

by James Sutherland
(Glasgow, Scotland)

Adam is my best friend, and has been for 10 years now. I know him like the back of my hand. we met in the spring of 2002 when we we're both 12 years old; at our local comic book shop. Instantly we were drawn together through our very similar taste in cape-clad heroes.

Unfortunately Adam suffers from Autism. Unable to keep eye-contact at the best of times. day to day life for Adam can be challenging at best.

Two years ago Adam's Gran passed on. A few week's later he moved into my apartment. I thought I knew everything about my best friend Adam. I was so wrong it was unbelievable.

It seemed from the moment I seen Adam in casual happy environments; for every problem he had, he had a talent. Unable to make eye-contact, communicate clearly with strangers, self-injurious and suffering from severe violent episodes. However for every negative there was a positive.

A writer, a poet, a painter, a musician.

An artist.

The documentary will show, how through a little guidance Adam has become a local celebrity through his art's. Made friends deserving of his time. And a love so strong it will never sever.
Following the best days and the worst of Adam and me.

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May 08, 2012
beautiful story
by: Desktop Documentaries

Hi James,

Thank you for sharing your idea. What a wonderful and interesting story and slice of life.
Have you thought about getting a small camcorder and documenting your life with Adam? Capturing those moments that show the full scope of Adam's life and personality? You are truly the best person to document this story since you are there day to day.

How To Choose a Camcorder

Once you have a collection of footage, then you can reach out to a video editor to help you piece it together into a story. Or you could even edit it yourself. It's so easy these days to do video editing using free video editing software like iMovie (mac) or Live Movie Maker.

Thank you again for sharing your idea with us. Let us know if you have any other questions. Please come back to this page and share your journey with us.

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