What Is The Purpose Of A Documentary?

Documentary filmmaking is a powerful art form that serves a variety of purposes, each as unique as the filmmakers behind the camera.

So, what is the purpose of a documentary?

There are as many answers to that question as there are filmmakers!

Let's explore a few reasons why people make documentaries and what they hope to achieve with their films.


What Is The Purpose Of A Documentary?

1. Educate and Inform

One of the primary purposes of a documentary is to educate and inform.

Documentaries shine a light on topics that might otherwise remain in the shadows.

They cover a vast array of subjects, from historical events to pressing social issues, presenting factual information and expert insights.

This educational aspect helps viewers gain a deeper understanding of the world around them.

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2. Raise Awareness

Another crucial purpose of documentaries is to raise awareness about critical issues. Whether it's climate change, human rights abuses, or endangered species, documentaries bring urgent matters to the forefront of public consciousness.

By highlighting these issues, they often inspire viewers to take action and become advocates for change.

3. Give a Voice to the Voiceless

Documentaries often serve to give a voice to the voiceless. They provide a platform for underrepresented and marginalized communities, amplifying the voices of those who are often unheard.

By sharing their stories with a broader audience, documentaries foster empathy and understanding, highlighting the human experience in all its diversity.

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4. Preserve History

Documentaries play a vital role in preserving history. They capture moments in time, documenting significant events, cultural practices, and personal stories for future generations.

This preservation ensures that important historical narratives are not forgotten and remain accessible for years to come.

5. Challenge Perspectives

Another important purpose of documentaries is to challenge perspectives.

By presenting diverse viewpoints and questioning preconceived notions, documentaries encourage critical thinking.

They invite viewers to reflect on their beliefs and consider new perspectives, fostering a more informed and open-minded society.

6. Driving Social Change

Many documentary filmmakers aim to change or improve society through their work.

By spotlighting causes or injustices, they hope to inspire viewers to demand change.

For example, a documentary on a humanitarian crisis can galvanize the masses to take action, highlighting the power of film to drive social change.

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7. Entertain and Delight

Not all documentaries are about serious subjects; some aim simply to entertain and delight. These are often human interest stories that profile unique characters or communities.

By presenting these stories in an engaging way, documentaries can captivate and entertain audiences, offering a glimpse into different ways of life.

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8. Uncover Hidden Truths

Documentaries also serve to uncover hidden truths.

They delve into unexplored topics, revealing new insights or previously unknown information.

This investigative nature can shed light on mysteries or lesser-known issues, providing valuable knowledge and understanding.

9. Personal Healing and Exploration

For some filmmakers, the purpose of a documentary is deeply personal.

Telling a story can be a way to heal, process complex emotions, or resolve internal issues.

Documentaries can also be a means for filmmakers to explore and understand a topic they are curious or confused about, offering clarity and insight.

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10. Revealing Personal Stories

Many filmmakers turn the lens on their own lives, sharing the quirkiness or complexities of their family stories.

These documentaries reveal broader societal truths through personal narratives, providing a unique perspective on everyday life.

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Your Role As A Documentary Filmmaker

As a documentary filmmaker, you have the power to influence, educate, and inspire change.

Each project you undertake is an opportunity to make a meaningful impact.

By understanding and embracing the purpose of your work, you can create documentaries that resonate deeply with your audience and drive real-world change.

Final Thoughts

So, what is the purpose of a documentary?

As we've seen, documentaries serve many purposes, from educating and informing to entertaining and healing.

Whether the goal is to drive change, raise awareness, give a voice to the voiceless, preserve history, challenge perspectives, uncover truths, or simply tell a personal story, documentaries have the power to make a significant impact.

Get started on your documentary today.

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