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Documentary Tips, Issue #025 -- Cinematic Techniques For Documentaries
September 19, 2013

September 2013 - Documentary Tips Issue #025


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5 Cinematic Techniques For Making A Documentary More Impactful

Cinematic Techniques One of the best lessons I ever learned about making documentaries came many years ago during a filmmaking course at the Maine Media Workshops.

The idea was that the image on the screen did not have to exactly match the narration. This was a major epiphany for me as a former television journalist. Having the visuals match the report was a key aspect of "reporting the news". For example, if you were reporting about a certain building being on fire, you would show that building.

But in filmmaking, there are different rules all together.

That's why I was thrilled when Atlanta producer Ron Dawson agreed to share his own experience about this concept in a recent guest article for

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5 Cinematic Techniques For Making A Documentary More Impactful

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The Odd World Of Documentary Filmmaking | The Story Behind JONNY - Guest post by Italian documentary filmmaker Massimo Salvato about how he stumbled upon his latest documentary idea.

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Your Questions

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Your Documentary Ideas

The Nomad Trip | Documentary Idea (In Production) -- By Nate: The Nomad Trip is a documentary in production focusing on leaving the corporate rat-race. The vehicle is a sailboat on a circumnavigation.

The Spanish Guy Down The Street | Documentary Idea - by Scarlett Wilson: A short documentary about an older man, who as of now is a mystery to me. I live in Brooklyn, NY and always see him standing outside. We wave hello...

Paruresis | Documentary Idea -- By David: Paruresis is a social phobia which affects up to 7% of the population. Sometimes called Shy Bladder, this condition is really not about shyness but is...

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