The Spanish Guy Down The Street | Documentary Idea

by Scarlett Wilson
(Brooklyn, NY)

A short documentary about an older man, who as of now is a mystery to me. I live in Brooklyn, NY and always see him standing outside. We wave hello to each other often.

One time it was raining softly while the sun was still out and I saw him standing under a tree using the leaves for shelter and just staring up into the sky. I wondered what he was thinking about.

Another time, he randomly pulled a keyboard on a stand out onto the sidewalk with a microphone and began singing beautiful songs and serenading the neighbors. I want to do a mini documentary about what his life was/is like and document him in his natural element.

I want to see what other social situations and opinions arise from talking to him. Most of all, I want the audience to connect with this mystery man with his gentle ways see what story comes out of him.

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Sep 05, 2013
lovely idea
by: Desktop Documentaries

Hi Scarlett, Thanks for sharing your idea. I think it's just lovely.

Reminds me a little of this documentary "The Thingmaker" which you can watch here along with a beautiful description by the film's director and how she came up with the idea:

Documentary Filmmaking: Tell Small Stories

For your idea, I almost like the concept of keeping the man a mystery (at least at the beginning). Almost create a poetic film "from a distance". Make the viewer also curious about this person. Maybe not even interview the man! Or if you do, shoot the interview both as a wider-type shot and close-up, and then during the editing slowly "move in" closer as you get to know him. Film scenes from afar, observational style.. using almost ghostly images (of trees, feet walking, silhouettes, etc) and then possibly use your voice reading the description you wrote above.

Your idea also makes me think of one of my favorite documentaries, Bombay Beach, which is beautifully and poetically told.

Bombay Beach Documentary | Trailer

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