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Documentary Tips, Issue #029 -- How To Pitch Your Doc Idea To A TV Network
January 28, 2014

January 2014 - Documentary Tips Issue #029

How To Pitch Your Documentary Idea To A TV Network

One of the most frequent questions that come through Desktop-Documentaries is how to pitch a documentary idea to a TV broadcaster.

If you're curious about this issue, below are examples of submitted questions and answers.

How To Pitch And Sell My Documentary Idea To A TV Network?

How To Find Documentary Film Buyers In International Market

And here's an actual TV Doc Idea Pitch submitted to Desktop Documentaries:

Stable Studios | Reality TV Series Pitch

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Robert with MaximonMaximón Documentary | Filmmakers Release 10-Year Film On Controversial Mayan Deity

When I met Robert and Suzan in Guatemala last year, they were in the final stages of a mega 10-year documentary project. I'm excited to say that they have completed their film and Robert agreed to share with us some lessons learned and filmmaking tips from their journey. Enjoy!

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Desktop Documentaries"This site undoubtedly is the best Documentary Film University ever built online. I am a journalist and want to focus on documentary filmmaking, but have no professional training in film production. I have been scouting the internet for a very good website and I discovered this gem. Everything I need to become a professional documentary filmmaker is right here.This page is extremely indispensable! Thank God for the unselfish individual(s) who built this great site. God bless you!" ~ Della Prince Diaba

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