Is It Okay To Set Up A Documentary Shoot in Advance?

by Ben
(United kingdom)

Hi there. Here's my question. Is it okay to set up a documentary shoot in advance? For example I am making a film about musical students in India who come from deprived backgrounds and in an interview I heard that they sometimes play music for people in their old neighbourhood.

The problem is I am never around when I do this and if I ask them to do it am I not telling the truth as I am influencing what the protagonist in my film does.

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Ben, all you need to do is ask these students when they play music in their old neighborhoods. It's perfectly okay for them to arrange something, just ask them to perform exactly as they would if you weren't there. Or have them call you when they are about to play or tell you in advance if they are planning something.

That is perfectly acceptable! You are capturing the truth of what they do. Just because you set it up in advance does not make it any less truthful of what they would normally do.

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Jan 25, 2014
Thank you NEW
by: Ben

Thanks for your feedback.

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