How to visualize my idea into a documentary film?

by Amir
(Prizren, Kosovo)

I've been attending a Camp for School of Documentary that's been holding in my city in the beginning of January this year and I learned a lot of stuff about documentary filmography there. I also had cool tutors, a woman from LA and a guy from Barcelona, both successful film makers.

I found this site very useful from the beginning and since I saw a place where I can ask questions and I thought I may ask for help.

I have an idea which my tutors like the most but my problem is how to shoot a film with my idea.

It's a very complex idea which I'll try to explain into a few words. It's about informations technology which I personally think should gain more focus on it. I wanted to do a film with artistic approach which can explain the using of Internet and Information Technologies nowadays. Since the information is a very powerful thing, nowadays it's became even more powerful because of IT and quick exchange.

Now, you guys, can you give me some ideas how to visualize this idea into a more authentic way, not to be a cliché.

Many regards,
Amir :)

Desktop Documentaries | Answer
By Faith Fuller, Publisher

Hello Amir,

Congratulations on your big step signing up for the documentary camp. That's great that you liked your teachers and that you learned a lot.

It's interesting that you ask this question because I just went through a similar issue with one of my coaching clients. The reason you are struggling with how to turn your idea into a film is because, at this point, your idea is too vague.

Here are some questions to help you hone in on your idea.

1) What is it exactly about the internet and technology you find fascinating? (Be specific)

2) What aspect of internet/technology fills you with curiosity?

Please answer these questions by clicking on the "Comment" link below and I will try to help you further once it's more clear the angle you are going after.

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Jan 15, 2014
Try again, dig deeper
by: Desktop Documentaries

Hello Amir,

Thanks for the follow-up on your documentary idea. It is still unclear your (ONE) story angle. Where's the emotion, the controversy, the thing that will grab attention?

What is it that pulls at your curiosity? For example, think of the first person (expert) you might interview. Who is that person and what are you curious to ask them?

My guess is that this documentary idea is deep inside you, it just still needs to be fleshed out some more.

One idea to help you find your angle (or hook) is to read the "log lines" of other documentaries. Netflix is a great place to start. Ask yourself, what is the hook of this documentary? Draft your own log line using other documentaries as examples. There's a whole chapter and step-by-step process about how to come up with a great documentary pitch in my Documentary Fundraising Guide.

Please try again to explain (from your heart) what it is you are trying to discover with this documentary. What aspect of this story makes you tingle with intrigue and excitement!?

You can do this Amir. Just keep digging!

Jan 15, 2014
by: Amir

Thank you for helping me, I thought you might not understand my idea. I'll try to be as specific as possible.
1) About IT, well, the most fascinating thing is quick information exchange. Comparing to the old days when we missed these things, today, nescience (ignorance) is choice. Basically you can be anything you want, learn anything you want.
2)Nr 1. privacy, definitely. And the second one is misusing Internet (unwittingly or not) that leads to mass debilitation, for me.

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