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Documentary Tips, Issue #023 -- How To Make A Mini Documentary
July 30, 2013

July 2013 - Documentary Tips Issue #023

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"The content you've provided has greatly encouraged me and empowered my will to film my documentary. I now know I can successfully express myself and justly reflect my subject matters with everything contained on these pages. This website is a definitive one-stop source that I'll use for my artistic endeavor." -- Bradford Myers

Documentary Fundraising Guide"The Documentary Fundraising Guide is an amazing book full of inspiration, personal anecdotes and fundraising wisdom. The content is very relatable and easy to grasp. I am launching a Kickstarter campaign for my documentary and I couldn't do it without this guide. I love this book! -- Joseph East

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How To Make A Mini Documentary

How To Make A Mini Documentary | Q&A With Steffan Hacker Many of us who make documentaries probably find ourselves, much more often, making shorter films for non-profits and businesses to earn our living while we work on our "passion" projects on the side.

Mini-documentaries are also great ways to "test" or inspire our documentary idea.

For example, the idea for my PBS documentary Briars in the Cotton Patch came after producing a mini-documentary for a Habitat for Humanity International event. After conducting several interviews for the 3-minute piece, I started to realize, "Woah, this is a much bigger story!"

What Is A Mini Documentary And How Do You Make One?

One of my former colleagues, Steffan Hacker, is currently working as the Multimedia Producer for Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). He produces some beautiful work and I asked him if he'd be willing to share some insights on his process and the filmmaking gear he uses.

How To Make A Mini Documentary | Q&A With Tufts University Multimedia Producer Steffan Hacker

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