KickStarter Campaign Just Launched | Fundraising Advice Needed!

by Casey Florig
(Georgia USA)

We have just launched our Kickstarter campaign for our documentary "The Dead Affect" which follows the hit series "The Walking Dead" back to its roots to explore its impact on the small Georgia towns where the filming took place.

We have 9% funded and 19 days to go. We can use all the help we can get! We went with the 30 days route, because it made sense not to prolong the campaign.

I have been all over Facebook and Twitter trying to gain interest. I even drove to Senoia, GA (where most of the filming will take place because that is where The Walking Dead is filmed) and passed out fliers for our Kickstarter video.

In Facebook I've found that posting pictures of the filming locations has gained the most interest, as far as page views go. And for Twitter, we went from 15 or so followers to over 500 now. My strategy there was to follow as many fans of The Walking Dead as possible in hopes that they follow us back. It's been about a 3 to 1 ratio.

I've been all over the Desktop Documentaries site, especially your list for gear and equipment. This is my first film so I could use all the help I can get!

Here's our KickStarter trailer:

Answer | Desktop Documentaries

Hi Casey. Thanks for reaching out! Sounds like a very cool documentary project. Congratulations on your success thus far! It seems you are doing a lot right and getting some very promising feedback. You are rocking with your social media outreach.

As for raising more funds...

Have you contacted all the "influencers" and bloggers who talk about The Walking Dead? Having them promote you to their followers and fan base is key. Is there a Walking Dead Facebook fan page you can post to?

Also, updating your Facebook page regularly with new and interesting stuff is great. Maybe post a new video every week leading up to the deadline? (Perhaps some scouting/raw footage you've shot or you guys on camera thanking people who have donated, etc).

In fact, you may want to consider reshooting your KickStarter trailer.

Your KickStarter written description is excellent. Great job on that! You express beautifully why you're making the documentary and your excitement behind the project. The trailer.. there are a few small improvements that would make a big difference.

1) You guys LOOK great (love the chalkboard background and black shirts/hats) -- so don't change that.. just make sure to use a good mic. It will make a better impression regarding the quality of work you plan to do and will boost the confidence of potential donors.

2) Look into the camera and appeal to people directly. Speak from your HEART about why you think this project is so cool! People will love it and respond!

3) Hook your audience right from the start by tapping into their love of the Walking Dead. Do you have permission to show any of the footage from the show? If so, it would be great to start the trailer off with some of those images.. or at least a few questions like "Are you a Walking Dead Fan?" "What are your favorite scenes from the show?" "Would you be interested in going behind the scenes to see where the series was shot"? "Would it surprise you to know that the communities where the Walking Dead was shot have been forever changed.. in surprising and unusual ways?" Tapping into the audience's emotional connection and fascination with the show is key.

A great article for more ideas is Jennifer Fox's 42 Crowdfunding Tips for a successful six-figure crowdfunding campaign.

Learn more about documentary fundraising.

Anyone else have ideas for Casey? Please leave your comment below or go donate now to help them reach their goal!

published June 26, 2013

Comments for KickStarter Campaign Just Launched | Fundraising Advice Needed!

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Jun 26, 2013
Love TWD!
by: Scott

I watched the first two seasons of TWD in about a week on Netflix. I haven't seen season 3 (and I don't even know if there is a season 4)! But I loved the first two seasons. And I live in Georgia. So that makes it doubly cool (for me). I hope you guys can pull this off.

Maybe you can ask the State of Georgia for some funding. The state has really loosened taxes on film produced in Georgia. Along with the Walking Dead, Trouble with the Curve and 42 were also filmed in GA. My point is that your documentary could have value to the state if they are trying to encourage more films to be produced here.

I agree with what Desktop Docs said about the trailer. You guys need to look right into the camera and talk. Maybe show some pictures or video of the places you'll visit at the beginning of the trailer and ask TWD fans if they recognize the different locations. Just a thought.

Good luck guys!

Jul 03, 2013
Thanks for posting
by: Casey Florig

Thank you so much for posting this article! After taking a step back at our first Kickstarter video, we totally agree it had the "look" but not sound or substance that reaches out to the fans.

We are no actors - and we had originally scripted out our conversation because we wanted to include all of our key points. But with the lack of eye contact to the camera, we see where it doesn't seem as sincere - which is far from the case.

Though we used a Zoom ZH4N for the audio, we did not account for the emptiness of the room which caused the echo. After reviewing your equipment list, we need to invest in lapel mics as well.

The trailer is an excellent idea and we will be heading out this weekend to shoot interviews and location footage.

Thanks again for posting and the great information!

And thanks for you comments Scott.

Jul 18, 2013
Congratulations!!! NEW
by: Desktop Documentaries

Hey Casey, We just noticed that you guys reached your Kickstarter fundraising goal. Very impressed with your accomplishment and we're looking forward to seeing the completed film!

Jul 19, 2013
Kickstarter completed NEW
by: Casey Florig

Thank you so much Desktop Documentaries! We are very excited about meeting our Kickstarter goal and we owe it to all 49 backers! Thank you for the help on this site; we really do think having a teaser trailer at the end really helped get people excited about our project.

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