Power of the Mind | Documentary Pitch and Video Trailer

by Thomas A Hilton Jr
(Florence, Mississippi , USA)

The incredible true story of Kyle Hilton

The incredible true story of Kyle Hilton

Power of the Mind (Working Title). Here is my documentary idea: how words and autosuggestions can dramatically transform a person's life. The words we use every day are literally creating our own life script. There are dozens or more professionals giving talks daily on how the mind works. Medical professionals now admitting the connection between brain functions and words we use.

College text books have been teaching in Psychology that the brain development of children is critical because it's this period when the conscious and subconscious minds are developing and shaping our lives.

I wish to explain in a documentary how the theory of the mind works. I've discovered the best explanation of this is through the HMI College of Hypnotherapy courses as I'm currently working on my own certification. I plan to interview other professionals in this field as well as the medical industry.

As part of the documentary, I'll introduce my son Kyle Hilton, a 5-year old boy who began to tell himself he was an artist and, once it was accepted by his subconscious, his talent manifested almost overnight. Proof was shown in his drawings, affirmations were provided over and over by everyone who knew him. He began getting noticed. High School officials were pointing him. College campus rules were being changed because of some of his cartoons.

Well known magazines and newspapers were seeking him out to work for them on freelance jobs. (View the short clip at the bottom of this page to see some of his work).

The wildest piece of information I gathered in my research over the past 20 years is that within the minds of children, their is no conscious mind. Only the subconscious. It's the daily experiences we have that creates the conscious mind and then uses those experiences to write out our life script. Unknowingly, we live out these life scripts to the tee. Unless we learn of this information and learn the secrets to re-writing these life scripts.

Whether the words we use or hear during these critical times are of the positive or negative nature. They will create our destiny within that direction.

My research has led me to many areas: sports performance, health issues, miracles unexplained. They all share something in common. A belief system and the words we use daily, even now are effecting that belief system. Building on it or tearing it down. This documentary will open some eyes and equipped with this knowledge, anyone can re-write their destiny if they are unhappy with their lives.

This information has always been out there, the proof is all around us, but without sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I'm betting that some very powerful individuals and companies would rather you not know this for it will hurt their pocket books greatly.

Think about it. Placebos? I'll touch on this powerful subject because the research I've uncovered has a lot to do with how the pharmaceutical industry works and how what we think about the drug has more to do than what's in the drug.

Think about it. If Hypnosis is real and I know that it is. It's so powerful that we as Hypnotherapists learn how to shut off your conscious mind, thus giving us instant access into your subconscious mind so we can help you replace fears, phobias, and other limiting beliefs you may have that are sabotaging your efforts to improve your life.

I have so many examples of scenarios where children are being programmed without the knowledge and consent of their own parents yet it happens daily. Not just from media. But in the form of daily occurrences that are unnoticeable from the untrained eye. All these scenarios will be re-enacted within the documentary to help in teaching these tools.

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