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Documentary Tips, Issue #022 -- Downloading free music for your video
June 29, 2013

June 2013 - Documentary Tips Issue #022


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"Thank you for you're kind words and sage wisdom for aspiring documentarians by sharing you're vision and knowledge. I'm eager to begin the journey." -- Scott A.

Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit"After spending the weekend with your Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit, it has become my blueprint as I make the transition into documentary filmmaking. Your product is spot on!" -- Jimmy N.

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Downloading Free Music For Videos

Free Music Are you looking for some free music ideas for your documentary or video project? Ron Buice sent us a request for ideas. Here are a few places that we go:

Free Music Archive

When you visit these sites, make sure to check the licensing rights for each piece of music. Most of the musicians are cool with you using their music as long as you give them a credit in your film. Got any favorites of your own? Click on the link below and please share!

Downloading free music for videos

What's New?

Latest Articles

DSLR Audio | MixPre-D Review - In response to last month's article on DSLR Audio, freelance video producer Larry Vaughn shares with us one of his favorite pieces of audio gear.

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Your Questions

How does one get on a list of potential interviewees by documentary filmmakers? - Question: I am wanting to grow my audience group concerning the topics that I write and lecture on. I have been told that documentary filmmakers are always...

How do I copyright my documentary idea? - I have what I believe to be a very marketable documentary. What would be the process to copyright my idea?

Should I Send A Link Or DVD Of My Film To A Distributor -Hi, I found a potential distributor. They have asked me to see the film. Is it best to send them a link?

Which handheld camcorder is best for very amateur filmmakers? -I am making a documentary in which parts of the production will be shot by the subjects themselves. I am giving cameras to my subjects to record their own perception...

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Your Documentary Ideas

Brainstorming Documentary Ideas (Am I Alone?) -- Contemplating a documentary on overcoming depression and how to find yourself with significant others, family, friends, careers, and religion. Just covering the road from rock bottom.

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