Brainstorming Documentary Ideas (Am I Alone?)

by Elizabeth Karge
(Springfield, SD, USA)

I was contemplating a documentary on overcoming depression and how to find yourself with significant others, family, friends, careers, and religion. Just covering the road from rock bottom. A journey from being nobody to being you.

I have and am dealing with depression and still don't know how to recover.

I thought it would be a great idea to discover the way and document it. I'm not sure how used the idea is but as an obese, newly graduated young woman with no idea what my life has to offer, I know there are others like me who need help. I want to give it to them.

This will be for every high school Senior that has ever answered "undecided" in their future goals box. And for every Senior who can't find their way.

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Sep 19, 2014
by: Anonymous


I am sachin from india , delhi.... i am interested to make a documentary film on this ...... can you please suggest how can we move further and start working on this.... you can contact me on or +919911336552. Thanks

May 27, 2013
you're not alone
by: Desktop Documentaries

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for sharing your idea (or ideas). I think you're on to something. I'm sure there are many many others like yourself struggling to find their way and silently suffering with depression -- lost in the world, so to speak.

You mentioned documenting your own journey. I think that's a great idea. Every day or week, sit down in front of your camera and almost conduct a video diary of sorts. You can use that footage as narration for the documentary and/or to weave in and out of other stories that you may capture.

Perhaps you could get a group together of others who seem to be going through something similar and document their lives and journey as well.

In this day and age, there's something called "transmedia." You could create a website/blog which would also document your journey and the videos would just be part of it that you would string together later on.

Are you thinking this would be something that could be shown to other students at high schools? Something that would help others struggling with depression and alienation to cope?

Good idea, Elizabeth.

As you call tell from the Documentary Ideas page, there are way more ideas than there are actual films being made. I hope you have the courage to move forward on this. Good luck!

If you're serious about making a documentary, you may want to check out this page:

Step-By-Step: How To Make A Documentary

And here's a page to find filmmakers who may want to help you: Find Filmmakers

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