A Brother's Challenge | Documentary Idea

by Manny
(Covina,CA, USA)

I am a 430lb 32 year old male. My brother is a 29 year old Recovering drug addict.

30 days ago, my brother hit his bottom. He came to me and asked for help. He has been drinking and doing cocaine and meth every weekend for the last 2 years. He was a functional addict/alcoholic - He is a full time Truck Driver. It finally got to the point where he was looking at going into work after a night or two of binge coke and meth. I have known he does this for awhile, but i did not know it was this bad.

Finally i convinced him to go into a rehabilitation center, and it has been 30 days as of today and he is now clean. He is home and doing much better.

When he left to rehab we made a deal that i would lose 30lbs, and eventually lose 200lbs. My goal weight is 230lbs. I am 6 foot 3. I have not fulfilled my part of the deal, but he has recently challenged me to do 30 gym sessions in 30 days. Something he has learned from going into rehab. Well tonight as i type this, i have just started day 1.

I don't know if im going to make it, but me and my brother are very close. I have 200 pounds to lose. It may take me 2 years. But he wants to be sober and clean for the rest of his life.

I truly believe this is a documentary about myself losing 200lbs, and my brother helping me by going to the gym every day with me (he loves going to the gym with me) - In addition this is about my brother staying sober, with the help of each other we will accomplish this.

I used to be very much in shape, around 230lbs and the picture of health. Just 5 years ago you could see my abs. I just fell into a deep depression over the last 2 years, i lost my older brother to suicide. I literally saw him hanging from the rope. It was something ill never forget.

I have attached current picture, and some old pictures of when i was very in shape.

I am truly at the stage where i know i can lose the 200lbs I want to lose.

Do not read this and make a decision if i can reach that goal until you have talked to me or met me. I was once the type of person who worked out 7 days a week, and ate with such dedication and dieted.

I can get there again, i really now i can.

Many people have reached out to me and asked me to lose weight cause they fear i am going to die. I was not ready to do it back then. I am ready now.

Watch what i am capable of.

P.S Me and my brother both have had to take this mentality on of "if i keep doing what i am doing, i will be dead in 5 years. I want more time than that."

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