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What you will find here is a mix between filmmaking tutorials, gear guides and business strategies to help independent filmmakers at all skill levels create compelling stories that win awards, find distribution and make a true impact in the world.

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"Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen." 

- Robert Bresson, French Film Director

This site covers topics such as storytelling, sales & distribution, video production gear, video editing, legal issues, budgeting and more. Additionally, you will find a collection of tools & templates for filmmakers to help you streamline the documentary making process.

The Desktop Documentaries site contains hundreds of free articles, 240+ training videos over multiple courses , live Q&A workshops, free Documentary Tips newsletter, Case Studies, PDF downloadables, templates and much more.

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Faith Fuller

Faith Fuller is the founder and publisher of Desktop Documentaries. She's been in the filmmaking and communications industry for 30+ years, producing 1500+ news stories, documentaries, short films, PSA's and educational programs. Her feature documentary 'Briars in the Cotton Patch' premiered on PBS, got distribution on Netflix and is currently offered for educational streaming on Kanopy. 

Instructor: 7-Day Documentary Crash Course

Daniel Raim

Academy Award®-Nominated Daniel Raim has written, produced and directed 28 original documentaries for the Criterion Collection. In addition, he's directed three award-winning and critically acclaimed feature documentaries which have gotten distribution on Netflix, Paramount+, TCM and others.

Instructor: Documentary Storytelling & Scriptwriting 101 Essentials

Peter Hamilton instructor RD

Peter Hamilton

Peter Hamilton is a former CBS executive and renowned media strategist who has directed his New York-based international consulting firm for 30+ years.

His clients have included NBC, Discovery, A+E Networks, National Geographic Channels, Global Canal+ and BBC; the Rockefeller Foundation.

Instructor: Netflix 2024: Selling Your Documentary To Netflix and The Streamers!

Jilann Spitzmiller instructor

Jilann Spitzmiller

Jilann Spitzmiller is an award-winning Documentary Filmmaker whose work has appeared on the BBC, Sundance Channel, Starz/Encore, PBS and many more. 

She has successfully raised over $1-million for documentary projects (including 3 ITVS funding awards and two Sundance Documentary Fund grants). 

Instructor: Documentary Budgeting Masterclass / Templates

Hank Rogerson

Hank Rogerson

Hank Rogerson is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with credits including SHAKESPEARE BEHIND BARS, which had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, picked up 11 awards on the festival circuit, and was broadcast worldwide. He produced and directed HOMELAND and CIRCLE OF STORIES for National PBS.

Instructor: Documentary Proposal & Grant Writing Masterclass / Template Pack

Anna Darrah

Anna Darrah is an experienced film buyer, negotiating with and licensing 800+ films in her 15+ years working for Gaiam and Spiritual Cinema Circle. She is currently Head of Development for Film Nest Studios.

Anna has been an active player on the festival circuit and currently advises filmmakers on custom distribution strategies. 

Co-Instructor: "Selling Your Documentary For Maximum Profit and Impact"

Gordon Firemark

Gordan Firemark is an entertainment attorney based in California and also teaches Entertainment Law in Columbia College Hollywood's film program.

He's the producer and host of Entertainment Law Update, a podcast for artists and professionals in the entertainment industries and the author of The Podcast, Blog and New Media Producer’s Legal Survival Guide. 

Instructor: Documentary Legal & Business Essentials Tool Kit

Tom Jennings instructor RD

Tom Jennings

Tom Jennings, a Peabody Award-Winning Producer, has delivered 500+ films to streamers & channels including Netflix, Nat Geo, Disney+, PBS and many more!

Instructor: "Find, Develop & Pitch Documentary Ideas That Sell"

Dandan Liu

Dandan Liu

Dandan Liu is an Emmy award-winning filmmaker and contemplative creative.

She is a self-taught filmmaker who started making films while on a 4 year journey living in monasteries around the world. Her films are now streaming on Roku, Apple TV, museums, trains, and airplanes.

Instructor: First-Time Filmmaker Starter Bundle

Caitlin Cooper

Caitlin Cooper is a documentary filmmaker and freelance journalist. She is the co-founder of the production company Cine Vita, whose work has been screened and workshopped all over the world. She is a contributing writer/producer for Desktop Documentaries.

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