A Past Life Romantic Connection | Documentary Idea

by Edson NM
(Veracruz, Mexico)

Hello, dear documentarians ...
I am Edson Matus Navarrete, an unmarried man of 51 years old who lives in a medium city of Veracruz, Mexico. I search for documentarists & producers pitching ideas from the very start level.

My case is about Reincarnation very possibly and my proposal is that you make a documentary about my case which somehow involves a young Russian woman I met in the cam-chats for adults and whose current whereabouts I do not know since some years ago.

Today I'm an adult without social gambling but in Internet I found enough joy with the webcam girls so in the first decade of this century I made visual and emotional contact with a woman from Russia who woke up in me strong feelings, and although I have years without looking her I have not passed this experience even today.

My own infatuation and worry is incomprehensible to me and my personal discomforts increased and I started to honestly recognize it: strange experiences such as visions, paranoia, anger, panic, deja vu, dizziness, etc. harass me and I don't hold myself like before.

If reincarnation is possible then we met in a previous life and something romantic but tragical happened that would be interesting to investigate and explain in a documentary format that must seek new reports and fresh answers about a Reincarnation couple with the help of neurography, hypnotism, clairvoyance or whatever arises.

I have more information and I'm fully available for it but without enough capital, only with 2000 Mexican pesos per month. The documentarists who catch interest about this must make all production and financing for find and contact the woman in Russia to ask for their participation in a documentary with me. And we must found and go to the place of our past and so on. However, the economic gains and prestige will be yours.

But if you do not believe that my case worth for that production then I beseech to your judgment or opinion to guide me toward another house or crew with resources to research and produce something about it...

I am looking forward to your response and if you accept my proposal I will send to you a subsequent extension.

That's all for now. Thank you very much for your honorable attention.

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