Ace Youth | Documentary Idea

by Paris
(Southern California USA)

I discovered my asexuality in June of 2011. I spent most of my life wondering what was wrong with me, and convincing myself that I was just a late bloomer. Part of me was relieved to find others like me, and another part was a bit angry. Why did I have to go so long thinking something was wrong with me? Asexuality doesn't have a lot of visibility, so most people have to discover it on their own.

My plan for this documentary "Ace Youth" is to travel around the world, interviewing youths (teens-20's) who fall somewhere in the asexuality spectrum. I want to see if others have struggled with their asexuality. Have they been accepted? Do they get support from their friends and family? Was there any information about asexuality available to them? Are they afraid that they'll be alone forever?

I also want to ask the general public questions. Have they ever heard of asexuality? What about demisexual? Do they think it's unnatural, or not even real?

And what information is available for people who are trying to find other asexuals? Are there support groups on and offline? Do local LGBT centers have any info? Do these groups even accept asexuals?

With asexuals only taking up about 1% of the world's population, it doesn't seem like a lot of people know about us. But we're here, and we have a voice.

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Feb 06, 2018
by: guest

I'm demisexual and this idea is super interesting to me.

Mar 26, 2015
Support 100%
by: Anonymous

I'm 20, and I didn't find out what asexuality was until last year. That is a HUGE problem! The fact that I had to go though most of my life thinking I was broken and now knowing that could have been prevented if there was only more awareness on the subject is just appalling. This documentary needs to be made, and awareness needs to be increased so this doesn't keep happening! It is so sad to see someone feel out of place in our hyper-sexualized culture. I fully support this and would be proud to be interviewed in such a documentary :)

Jan 24, 2012
Great POV idea
by: Desktop Documentaries

Thanks for your documentary idea. Filming a documentary from a personal point of view (POV) can be an incredibly powerful and effective way to tell the story.

I applaud you for wanting to bring attention to this issue and your willingness to share your own story.

Have you thought about doing a video diary? Every day sitting down in the front of the camera and just sharing a few thoughts about asexuality and what you're going through on that particular day? You could always weave those clips in between the stories of other people that you meet.

Honestly, I have never heard about asexuality and I'm sure many others haven't either. Sounds like you've got a unique and interesting story to tell!

Please keep us posted and come back here to this page and share your progress.

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