Army Veteran Video Gear List

Guest Post by: Alfred Cox, 90 Veteran Studios
Published: June 15, 2018

My name is Alfred Cox,  I'm 42 years old and a retired army veteran.

My film studio is called 90 Veteran Studios based in New Port Richey, Florida.

I started in this career path of cinema as a way to help with my ptsd and depression after leaving the military in March 2012.

Since then, I have acquired over 35 IMDB credits in various departments ranging from producer to grip.

Army Veteran Video Gear List

Mainly I work on VFX videos.. creating motion graphics all in after effects and a green screen.

This will be my first documentary with a variety of people.

I choose my gear mainly because of my overall budget. I needed gear to practice with and to own so I started researching gear on youtube and google.

So far my gear has allowed me to produce two short films on Amazon called, "The Loan" and  "In Return".

My Gear Kit

Army Veteran Video Gear List


Nikon D3300


35mm F1.8 lens

50mm F2.0 lens

85mm F1.8 lens

17-55mm F2.8 lens

55-200mm F4-5.6 lens


Zoom H4N Audio recorder

Rode Audio Mic


3 LED lights

7 inch monitor screen

Tri Pod

Mono Pod with feet

Glide Cam Steady Cam Vest rig

3 foot slider

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My post production tools include a desktop I built for editing with 32gb of RAM, and a i5-7500k Intel cpu @3.40GHz.

I use the Adobe suite for all of my editing needs: Premier Pro, After Effects,  Audition,  etc. It's worth the $30 a month. 

Future Plans

I currently don't have a wish list of future gear, I have everything I need. Maybe a few more lights, and another lens. But, 90 Veteran Studio's is a self-sustaining business that operates as a lite independent and highly mobile studio. 

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