Audio Levels For Video And Documentary Production

by Sharon Katz
(Philadelphia PA, USA)

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What are the current standards regarding acceptable audio decibel levels of 1. Interviews 2. Music under interviews and 3. Music concert footage?

Thank You.

Answer | Desktop Documentaries

Hello Sharon, to make sure to get you the best answer, we pitched your question to Bobby Ellis who runs a video production company in Georgia, USA called The Image Company. He and his team produce broadcast commercials, mini-documentaries and other media products.

Answer | The Image Company

For broadcast, we are currently recording voice at -6 to -12 db in the field with -3db levels voice in editing and around -8 to -16db for our music under levels. Not sure about concert footage? We don't get complaints from broadcast stations. Hope that helps.

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Do you have experience with audio levels for video and documentary production? What audio levels are you using? Please post feedback and comments below.

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