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Desktop Documentaries offers a wide range documentary courses taught by Oscar-nominated and award-winning filmmakers covering every step of the documentary filmmaking process: from idea development to fundraising to distribution!

If you're wondering which course is right for you, you've come to the right place. Beginners, pros and every filmmaker in between: there's a course for you!

Read on below if you're asking "Which Course Is Best For Me?"


Use coupon code 'FILM22' during check-out for instant savings.

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Are You New To Filmmaking?

If you're a beginner, the 7-Day Documentary Crash Course was made with you in mind.

You’ve watched some great documentaries and now you’re itching to tell a story. But you’re probably thinking, “where do I even start?”

Designed for complete beginnersour crash course takes documentary filmmaking and breaks it down into a simple step-by-step process!

In just seven days, you’ll learn the ins and outs of making a documentary, from interviewing, to filming, to editing, and distributing your film.

Plus, get scriptwriting and production templates, a storyboard sketch sheet, a full documentary script sample, an equipment checklist, and more…

The Crash Course gives you the full picture and includes all the essential worksheets, checklists and timelines you need to make a successful documentary.

If You Need Funding...

Luckily, fundraising is something you can learn! And the more you do it, the easier it gets.

If you’re just getting started, Documentary Fundraising 101 is for you.

Documentary Fundraising 101 shares the methods and tools of successful fundraisers, alongside case studies and insider tips for bringing in $10K, $250K, even 1 million dollars!

This resource-rich tool kit will teach you how to access the money you need to make your dream documentary.

Enroll in Documentary Fundraising 101 (or get the whole Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit) and come away with a list of donors who will donate to your film and most importantly, the reasons why they will donate.

Are you NEW to producing and want to get a head start on the basics...

There’s no doubt you love documentaries, so make sure you’re up to speed with all the technicalities.

For you, we’ve got two affordable packages that are both available with a lifetime access pass!

First up, BUDGETING!

Producers need to know how to budget. Start by getting a feel for the scope of your project with the Documentary Budget Samples Pack, including complete documentary budgets at three levels:

  • $20,000
  • $300,000
  • $1,000,000

Then, work your way through the Documentary Budgeting Masterclass with Jilann Spitzmiller (PBS, Discovery, BBC, NBC, Sundance Channel). This industry-standard course will teach you step-by-step how to create an irresistible funding package with a solid, realistic budget, no matter your level of experience.

Best choice for you: get the entire Documentary Budget Template Pack Bundle.

Next up, LEGAL!

Yep - producers are responsible for lining up all of the fine print.

Our Documentary Legal Tool Kit will set you up for success.

This 6-Part Training Series (21 videos and 100+ Q&As) includes all of the legal forms & contracts your film production will need.

This tool kit also comes with twice yearly live legal Q&A workshops with Entertainment Attorney Gordon P. Firemark. That’s 2 calls each year that you can use to resolve any doubts you have from pre- through post-production.

If You Want To Get On NETFLIX...

Do you have a winning idea with the potential for a huge audience?

Streamers want your film. But how do you get a seat at the negotiation table?

Selling Your Documentary to Netflix and the Streamers is THE how-to you’ve been looking for:

  • How to craft the perfect pitch
  • How to get your project in front of Netflix executives (and who to contact)
  • How to get a streaming deal

Inside this course, you’ll find a community of novice and experienced filmmakers with BIG stories to tell and quarterly Q&A’s where you can brainstorm strategies, meet collaborators, and get feedback on your pitches.

Some of our recent Q&A topics include How to Pitch Your Reality or Doc Series to Streamers & Channels and 2022 Documentary Buying Trends.

If You Need Help With Storytelling...

You've shot all your footage and now need help putting it together into a compelling story.

Master it with the help of Oscar-nominated filmmaker Daniel Raim in our Storytelling and Scriptwriting 101 Essentials Course!

This course gives you a step-by-step workflow to help you organize all your footage, interviews and ideas into a structured, cohesive and compelling film.

Daniel’s decades of experience as a documentary scriptwriter are consolidated into easy to follow videos, exercises and assignments. In addition, this masterclass includes two complete feature-length documentary scripts to view and analyze.

Enroll here!

If You Want To Maximize Your Sales & Impact...

Our newest tool kit offering is designed for you.

The Film Sales and Distribution Tool Kit is the most up-to-date resource for accessing established and emerging film markets.

Now at a new bundled price, get our two distribution courses in one - Selling To Netflix and the Streamers + Documentary Distribution A to Z. Includes quarterly Q&A’s and our two most valuable distribution databases.

Or, brush up on your strategy by reviewing our collection of 50 Documentary Success Stories.

These case studies are a goldmine for potential story ideas, buyers, impact strategies, producers, and more.

If You're Ready To Go ALL-IN!

For you, we’ve got the biggest back to school discount yet.

For a fraction of the price of film school, you can now get access to our entire catalog of courses & templates in a one-time giant filmmaking bundle.

Our Back-To-School 2022 Filmmaking Bundle is for the documentary filmmaker who wants to do it all.

Even if you want to specialize as an editor, or producer, this complete filmmaking bundle will prepare you for every aspect of documentary filmmaking.

Learn the tools of the trade while you enjoy bi-monthly group Q&A’s on storytelling, selling to streamers, and other timely topics exclusive for students.

AUGUST 11-16

Use coupon code 'FILM22' for 50% Off!

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