Beachfront B-Roll | Free Film Clips

by Jeffrey Beach

Beachfront B-Roll is a resource for filmmakers and video editors to download (for free!) unique HD stock video footage and animated backgrounds for any production purpose. All clips in the library are completely free to use and are a simple "right click save" to download.

The collection includes a variety of clips in various categories including: General, Nature, Time Lapse, Technology, Animation, Holiday, Abstract, VJ Loops, Buildings & Traffic.

Here are a few examples of what you can download from

B-Roll: Satellite Dish HDR Time-lapse (Royalty Free Footage)

B-Roll: Coffee Cup Being Filled With Coffee (Royalty Free Footage)

B-Roll: Clothes Pin (Royalty Free Footage)

B-Roll: Spedometer (Free to Use HD Stock Video Footage)

Desktop Documentaries Interview with Beachfront B-Roll Founder Jeffrey Beach:

Please share your filmmaking background and why you started

I work in Broadcast Television and have worked in Feature and Commercial film. I started my site because I had gotten a lateral "promotion" at my station and was doing a lot more management, administrative and contract work than production. I was somewhat saddened by that, but still love what I do. I wanted to keep shooting and thought doing this as a hobby/side project would be a great way to keep up.

Why are you offering your clips for free to the public?

Since I was shooting anyway, I thought it might be nice to give back to an industry that has been so good to me. I love the community it has and I love seeing the work that people are able to make and the stories they are able to tell with the somewhat random footage I provide.

Are all your free clips hosted on

Yes. Early on it was recommended as a great place to host my footage (since I was offering it for free anyway). Using them has been a WONDERFUL experience and I have had zero hosting problems. If there has been a missing clip it was due to human error on my part. It has been a very reliable service. And once again ... free.

Since I don't really make much money off of the site (besides some random donations which are put towards upgrades) Having the file hosting by and web hosting by Blogger has been essential. My frontend cost for supplying the clips has been very low. I can then concentrate my efforts on things like gas, internet and paying off financed equipment upgrades (i'm impatient!).

To view and download clips from Beachfront B-roll, visit

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Feb 04, 2014
Accreditation NEW
by: Jeff Beach


No accreditation is required. If you are compelled to do so, you are welcome to credit either Beachfront or myself. Thank you so much for your interest.

Best of luck!


Feb 03, 2014

Thanks. Its a great service to beginners. Keep it up. May God always be with you

Feb 03, 2014
Awesome! NEW
by: Scott

Thank you for your incredible efforts Jeffrey! Your clips look great and the fact that you are giving them away is...freaking awesome!

Should I credit you or Beachfront when I use your clips?


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