Big Corruption In A Small Town | Documentary Idea

by Claudette

Picture a small quaint southern town with cobblestone streets, a small Baptist university and all that goes with it. Everything is not as it appears. This town is the heart of a drug pipeline for which all drugs for the state travel through.

A vast percentage of young people are addicted to easily accessible Percocet 30 and pretty much anyone can tell you where to go and who to see if you need cocaine or marijuana.

Prominent attorneys, "pillars of the community" are involved, own drug plantations in Jamaica and Costa Rica, fern companies on the Mexico/US border and an LLC search will find them partners with convicted money launders.

Money and power buys them protection.

Murders are committed, drugs flown in and stored at the local airport.

Court cases are ruled in their favor despite evidence to the contrary. They represent a community bank known for its shady dealings (although no concrete proof, this writer believes likely aids in the laundering). Local police are paid off.

It is unknown how high up this corruption goes but interviews with an undercover officer involved in a past sting resulting in 4 people now serving life for murder and Rico claims when they suited up for these arrests several of these high profile targets were also to be picked up but at the last minute word came in not to touch them.

A similar story from an FBI acquaintance who tried to look into the case - "Leave it alone".

The prominent attorney believed to be the heart of this operation is very politically powerful, appointed by the governor to the judicial committee that recommends federal judges and main contributor and driving force behind a US Congressman's election and reelection.

Witnesses have come forward with first hand knowledge of a still unsolved murder of an 18 year old boy related to these drug operations but all have been ignored. Life goes on in a small town.

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