2019 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For Filmmakers
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Updated: Dec. 4, 2019

Are you looking for a great year-end special that will move your documentary and filmmaking endeavors forward?

Check out the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals below..

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Masterclass - "Buy One, Gift One" Free

If you want to learn from the filmmaking greats including Ken Burns, Werner Herzog and Martin Scorsese --- and you have a friend or colleague who would love that also --this is for you!

Masterclass this year is offering a "Buy-One-Gift-One" holiday deal for the All-Access-Pass. 

This means new customers can purchase an All-Access Pass for $180 and gift a second pass to another individual at no additional cost. And don't fret if you recently purchased a single class. For another $90, you can upgrade to All-Access and still get the deal.

Desktop Documentaries

Our very own Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal.

Sale is (currently over)... that's a wrap!

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The following courses/bundles are a sampling of what was included:

  • 7-Day Documentary Crash Course - sale ended

  • Documentary Storytelling and Scriptwriting Course - sale ended

  • Documentary Budget Template Pack (Bundle) - sale ended

  • Documentary Proposal Template Pack - sale ended

  • Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit - sale ended

  • Legal Forms and Contracts (Multi-Pack) - sale ended

See ALL Courses, Templates and Bundles

MZed - Education for Creatives

MZed offers online courses, classes and videos from some of today's best filmmakers and camera operators.

Below are this year's (2019) Black Friday deals.

MZed's Black Friday Sale has expired.

Filmmaking For Photographers
with Philip Bloom - sale ended

MZed Pro 12 month membershipsale ended

ARRI Academy certified courses - - sale ended

All other MZed courses and modules

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