2019 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals For Filmmakers
Filmmaking Courses, Drones, Gear, Accessories

November 2019

This page will continue to be updated, so keep checking back!

Are you looking for a great year-end special that will move your documentary and filmmaking endeavors forward?

We are currently scouring the web and checking in with our partners to find special offers especially for documentary filmmakers.

From Vimeo to B&H Photo to Amazon and beyond we are gathering as many year-end offers as possible so you don't have to.

The offers will start coming in soon so keep checking back!

Vimeo - Stay Tuned

Last year, Vimeo gave away a Mevo Plus live streaming 4K camera ($500 value) for all Vimeo Premium subscribers. Stay tuned for this year's offer. Check out all Vimeo plans.

Inside The Edit

Inside The Edit last year offered a Black Friday deal. Stand-by for this year's deal.

Inside The Edit teaches you how to be a video/film editor and how to THINK like an editor. 

MZed - Education for Creatives
*Deal coming soon

MZed offers online courses, classes and videos from some of today's best filmmakers and camera operators.

Stay tuned for this year's Black Friday deals.

MZed Pro 12 month membership - $___ (save ??):

Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass - $___ (save ??):

Mastering Color with Ollie Kenchington - $___ (save ??)

Bundle MZed Pro and Mastering Color for $___ (save ??):

View all other MZed courses and modules

Parrot - Save on Drones

Our friends at DroneStock know a thing or two about drones.

Last year they suggested that we take a look at Parrot who had a Black Friday sale discounting their already fairly-priced drones. Stand-by for this year's deals.

Desktop Documentaries - Announcement Coming Soon

Yeah, we had to include our own Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal too.

Your trusted source for documentary filmmaking tips and advice (that's us!) will be offering special deals on all of our filmmaking templates and courses.

Stand by for your discount code and links.  

The following courses/bundles will likely be included:

7-Day Documentary Crash Course - $197.00 $???

Documentary Storytelling and Scriptwriting Course - $297.00 $???

Documentary Budget Template Pack (Bundle) - $125.00 $???

Documentary Proposal Template Pack - $97.00 $???

Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit - $222.00 $???

Legal Forms and Contracts (Multi-Pack) - $55.00 $???

B&H PHOTO/VIDEO - Gear Deals! 
Below are deals from 2018 (Stay tuned for 2019 Deals)

SAVE $500

The Panasonic Lumix GH5 is one of the most highly regarded DSLR cameras for video. Its small size brings in amazing results. Save $500 on the Panasonic Lumix GH5.

Grab the deal

SAVE $500

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II gives filmmakers an affordable entry point into the world of full-frame cameras. Enjoy improved low light performance and access to the amazing line-up of Canon lenses.  Save $500 on the Canon EOS 6D Mark II.

Grab the deal

SAVE $600

The Nikon D750's Pro Video feature set includes the ability to control ISO, aperture and shutter speed while recording as well as Power Aperture Control for smoother exposure changes while recording in changing light.  Save $600 on the Nikon D750.

Grab the Deal!

SAVE $400

The Sony A7RIII has changed the way photographers and filmmakers look at their craft. Never before has a camera been so versitile, progressive and aggressive in its attempts to simply be awesome. And it is awesome. Save $400 on the Sony A7RIII.

Grab the Deal!

SAVE $300

Smartphones (with good cameras) are all you need to get great images and the LG V35 doesn't disappoint with dual 16MP rear cameras, a front 8MP wide-angle camera, and the ability to film 4K Ultra HD video. One of the rear cameras has a wide-angle lens with a 107-degree field of view. There's creative functions to choose from, such as 240 fps slow motion video, time-lapse video, and a host of still photo modes. Save $300 on the LG V35.

Grab the Deal!

SAVE $55

This highly visible DSLR backpack holds one DSLR (with lens attached) and room for a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. There's also enough room for a tablet a small front pocket and rear access to the camera gear. Save $55 on the Vanguard DSLR backpack.

Grab the Deal!

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