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  • 7-Day Documentary Crash Course - Super popular with first-time filmmakers. If you're a newbie, start here! (coupon expired)

  • Documentary Storytelling and Scriptwriting 101 Essentials - If you've got mounds of footage & interviews and feeling overwhelmed with your story, this is for you. Oscar-nominated Daniel Raim takes you step-by-step through the storytelling process. Includes live Q&A's. (coupon expired)

  • Netflix 2023: Selling Your Film To Netflix - Learn what it takes to get your documentary or doc series on the world's most popular streaming network of 220+ million subscribers. Includes live Q&A's.  (coupon expired)

  • Distribution 101: Selling Your Documentary For Maximum Profit and Impact - A perfect compliment with the Netflix course! Learn how to sell and distribute your film. By the end of this course you'll have a complete monetization plan for your film! Includes live Q&A's. (coupon expired)

  • Documentary Budget Template Pack (Bundle) - A fantastic series of budgeting templates & tutorials with award-winning filmmaker Jilann Spitzmiller. (coupon expired)

  • Documentary Proposal Template Pack - If you're in need of funding, this is a must-have! Includes proposal template & samples, sample (LOI) fundraising letters, plus an entire step-by-step video tutorial to help you write a money-winning grant proposal. (coupon expired)

  • Documentary Fundraising 101 + Film Funders Pack - If you're brand new to fundraising, you will be amazed what you learn in this course. 18 fun & interactive modules - plus a bundle of PDF's & downloadables - take you step by step how to find funds for your film. (coupon expired)

  • Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit - Get our entire fundraising series of budgeting/proposal templates + fundraising course at a big discount. (coupon expired)

  • Documentary Legal Tool Kit - Understand your rights as a filmmaker and protect your film with this legal masterclass, plus live legal Q&A's and 14 essential legal forms & contracts! (coupon expired)

  • Legal Forms and Contracts Templates - Get these with the Legal Tool Kit, or purchase separately. A must-have to keep your project safe! (coupon expired)

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7 Day Documentary Crash Course
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7 Day Documentary Crash Course

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