Boston Rotten | Documentary Idea

by Miya Clark
(Salt Lake City, Utah)

Boston Justice is No Justice

Boston Justice is No Justice

Boston has a long reputation of corruption. Corrupt cops, corrupt lab technicians, and corrupt politicians. However, nobody is talking about the human costs of this corruption, to innocent victims, their families, and the community.

James Lucien was arrested, tried and convicted for a crime he didn't commit in 1995. He witnessed the murder, told the police who did it, and the murder victim, prior to his death. also pointed the finger to the shooter.

Shortly after his conviction, James appealed when the cops on his case were proven to be corrupt. The court said that their corruption didn't matter, since it couldn't be proved in James' case.

20 years later, charges against Sean Ellis were dropped for shooting a cop. Why? Because the DA stated that the cops were corrupt. He said it didn't matter that they weren't corrupt in this case, he said that they simply couldn't be trusted.

These were the same cops that mishandled James' case.

There are potentially dozens or even hundreds of tainted cases at the hands of these cops who were corrupt for decades. James lost his life. His son lost his father. But corruption in Boston is so overwhelmingly pervasive that nobody gives a damn, including the new DA, Rachael Rollins.

This is a story that needs to be told. How does Boston justify incarcerating innocent men and women?? Is it because they can't afford to pay the millions and millions of dollars owed to these people? Why the cover-up?

When the lab technicians were dirty, Boston released more than 20,000 people from prison in the interest of integrity. But we have dirty cops, and Boston is doing absolutely nothing. Why?

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