Broken Horse, Saving A Lost Soul | Documentary Idea

by Christine Anderson
(Wenatchee, Washington united states)

Horses are a burden in America today. Thousands of horses are sold to slaughter where they are used for glue or food. Unbroke horses, abused horses, neglected horses and unwanted pets are found in feed lost every day facing an uncertain end.

I have a mare (female horse) named Swift that started out as a rescue. Three trainers later and multiple bad experiences with people she was left abandoned on the side of the road for three months with no food or water.

The only thing standing between me and her death at a kill pen is me. I've been through hell and back with this horse and the both of us are facing people who don't believe in us, have no faith that we will accomplish this and are set on the fact that she will die.

Her training is starting over in April and I'm setting out to prove everyone wrong. She's a smart horse and she's in the position she's in because of people.

I would love to have someone film this experience to help educate people about this growing problem in the united states. People need to be aware of the damage they cause when they don't know what they are doing or they just assume they know best when it comes to animals.

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Jul 16, 2020
by: Site Visitor

Please send me the best way to contact you. I work for a Content Development Studio and my team is very interested in your story.

Apr 14, 2015
by: Kenny Toye

I live and work in the horse racing industry. I am currently doing social and opinion market research for my documentary film. I applaud your idea for this Documentary and I see that you're located in Washington State. I travel between Seattle and Yakima routinely and I would love to collaborate and bounce ideas off each other if you're interested?! I feel strongly that horses need to be appreciated and I feel it in my gut to need to tell a story. Get a hold of me, I have been looking to get in contact with you but your name is very popular!

Jan 11, 2015
Still in need?
by: Natalie

Hi! I was wondering if you had found someone to film this for you yet? If not, please contact me! Your story truly hit the heart for me.


Nov 25, 2014
interested in making a documentary film
by: B.L

Hi Christine,

I am interested in creating a documentary film out of your story. I think with the right approach, it holds much potential. Please contact me at if you wish to discuss further.

Best regards,

Aug 20, 2014
Wish I lived closer
by: Kevin J Railsback

Love the idea for this documentary.
I wish I lived closer as this would be something I'd love to do.

I wish you all the best!!


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