Children of Woodlands | Documentary Idea

by Chantal Rioux
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Woodlands School, a controversial residential school for unwanted or disabled people, operated between 1950 and 1996

Woodlands School, a controversial residential school for unwanted or disabled people, operated between 1950 and 1996

This is a documentary that must be made. It's the story of the Woodlands School in BC, Canada -- where it's reported that unimaginable acts were made against innocent children and adults, most of whom were severely handicapped.

I grew up around there and always knew horrible things happened there. The residents didn't have a voice, the victims had no voice. The government has ensured no legal recourse. Fine. But don't we have a right to know the full story?

Compensation is besides the point, the legacy of these patients deserve the respect that their graves and tombstones did not receive.

Someone should take this project on:

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Apr 10, 2019
Surviving Woodland
by: Chantal

Tiffany Toulze I would love to see your documentary! Too bad this site does not link the Ideas to the work in progress or end result. I hope to see your work one day so I will keep my ears open (virtually... on the internet). Much appreciated and Thank You for your time and efforts :)

Feb 02, 2017
Documentary completed
by: Tiffany Toulze

Thank you Chantel for your idea submission. I know this is years after your post, but I wanted to let you know I did see it, and was very moved by this story.
In 2014, as my thesis film for my Masters in documentary filmmaking, I drove up to British Columbia from California and spent nearly 2 weeks interviewing the survivors and capturing their story.
Unsure of how this film would pan out, I began submitting this film to festivals in 2016, and I am happy to announce that "Surviving Woodlands" has now won 2 awards, and is in consideration for several more festivals. With any luck, this story will be of interest to sell. The main goal for this film is to help the survivors receive the compensation they so deserve.
I would have never heard of this story had you not posted your idea, so with any luck, you will see this response.
Thanks again.

Dec 07, 2016
chhildren of woodlands
by: nadia benali garcia

Interested in making a documentary about this. Wondering if this has been done before. Thanks

Oct 31, 2011
Tragic Story
by: Desktop Documentaries

Many stories, many angles to this tragedy. I read somewhere that the victims still meet monthly which would be a great place to start to begin gathering stories and interviews.

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