Concrete In The Suburbs | Documentary Idea

by Madelon
(Long Island, NY, USA)

With a history of drugs, violence and prostitution since the early 1980s, this community has been named “One of the worst neighborhoods in America” by Chris Cuomo. Since 2008, criminal activity has decreased over 80% and the communities involvement has increased tremendously.

Throughout this period of time the media and law enforcement have only shed light on the negative activities & people that have come from here.

Our goal is to knock down the above title, tell the real stories & contribute to building a recreation center.

The documentary will outline the drugs, crime, struggle of the residents in this community in which poverty and lack of education is partially to blame. It has been an continuous cycle thru generations.

It has been about survival for them. From murder, suicide, crackheads, prostitution, Terrace Ave & its residents have seen and been thru it all. The most intriguing part of the documentary is that this all happened on one block.

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Oct 14, 2015
by: friend

thanks for sharing

Dec 02, 2012
by: Carl Hill

I was born in Montego Bay,the hub of international tourism in Jamaica where the rich and famous cavort against the backdrop of grinding poverty and gang-wars that plagues its ghettos for over fifty year. As a victim of gang vilence, I am compeled to make a gang awareness documentary.

The objective of the documentary, “Gang War In The Ghetto,” is to showcase the true picture of the havoc that over fifty years of gang violence has perpetrated in Jamaica. It portrays how a gang leader, motivated by envy, masterfully build a power base that psychologically dominated and command through a network of savage and merciless gang members.
Format: Multi episodic Feature-length Documentary.
Hoping to use the funds from the documentary to re-furbish a buildind into a community center.

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