Dark Orange | Documentary Idea

by jared matthew templeton
(hilton head island, sc, usa)

the artist

the artist

A "making the album" type music documentary, set in the low country on Hilton Head Island SC, on an up and coming but struggling musician, who's beginning to self-destruct under the weight of his poor life choices and bad luck.

He is desperate to completely reinvent himself and live his life in more moderate means.

To shed all his vices and longtime habits and showcase his life works and complete this clever piece of art through sober and honest eyes.

He has been carefully polishing this concept album for well over a decade. He attempts to not only record the album but publish a book to go along with it. A story to read before listening to every song, which provides the script and the soundtrack so you can make the movie in your own head.

He is handsome, charming and intelligent but behind close doors he is battling a number of demons.

He wishes to inspire those like himself who have the talent to do something much bigger them themselves but lack the self-restraint to do so.

A "How To" kind of guide to reinventing yourself.

He is very sensitive to peoples energy and believes his own aura is the color Dark Orange, hence the Title.

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