Dental Tourism | Documentary Idea

by Rod Anderson
(Hillsboro, OR USA)

Have you ever seen a story on Dental Tourism? Americans are traveling to other countries to seek out affordable dental care. I'm about to head back to Costa Rica for my 2nd, and final, round of dental work.

I'm recording my journey on my blog:

Would be great to see a story on it...some kind of documentary. There is also a very popular thread on the Topix forums where many are discussing Dental Tourism. In fact it's one of the most popular threads on Topix with 271 pages and over 5k posts!

At first I, like many, decided to go to another country for major dental restoration due to finances. It would have cost me $40k to get the work done here in the states. In Costa Rica it will cost me $16k. But now that I have completed my 1st trip I can honestly say it's the best dental care I've ever received. So good that if I was to win the lottery I would still head down there for my dental work.

There are TONS of Americans and Canadians down in CR for nothing more than to get dental work. There are dental tourism companies in operation just to help tourists find the right dentist, hotel and such. There are certain hotels in San Jose, Costa Rica that are filled with people from other countries who are there getting dental work done. They sit around the pool and talk about procedures, prices, what they are getting done, what doctor they are's fascinating.

I think it would be a great story that many would be interested in.

Send a cameraman with me...let's record this journey! ;)

Thank you for your time

Rod Anderson
The Dental Tourist

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Nov 15, 2016
Dental tourism
by: Anonymous

Beth Harrington Amazing Documentarian Portland Oregon. Make contact with her.

Nov 19, 2014
Dental Tourism In kerala
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Jun 19, 2014
Not just Costa Rica!
by: DentalTourismExpert

There are so many other locations you could cover as well!

India has a huge dental tourism industry, with centres in Goa and all the major cities.
In Europe, Hungary, Romania and Poland offer fantastic prices with EU standards of education, hygiene and professionalism - offering a real alternative for citizens in the EU where prices are nearly as high as the US.

Interesting also to do a follow up after a year.
Or indeed from the dentists point of view!

Ideas for locations here:

May 17, 2014
Good point
by: Rod Anderson

Good points regarding the US dentists. On the other subject unfortunately I head down to CR tomorrow so time has expired. I knew when I submitted this idea that there probably wasn't enough time. I wish I had thought of it earlier.

May 17, 2014
Great Idea
by: Anonymous

Great idea but you need to give times and dates most of us videographers need advance planning not to mention funding

How about doing one on US Dentist adding the perspective of US dentist who are pricing themselves out of the market.

What are they doing to combat this ?

May 09, 2014
Great Idea!
by: AnonymousEdieR

I think this would be a great idea! Unfortunately, I didn't find out about Costa Rica until after I had my work done. If I had seen a video or references to it beforehand, I would of definitely gone there to get it done!

May 09, 2014
Great idea!
by: Desktop Documentaries

This is a great idea Rod. Fresh, new... I like it! Do you have any local videographers in your area you could pitch? What about your local TV news station or a medical TV channel?

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