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by: Beverly Peterson

I admit it - I hate writing budgets and it's great to have a template that lets me focus more on what I need to itemize instead of formatting an excel spreadsheet. Super!

to get the job done you need this
by: Joseph M Taylor

I am in the preproduction stage of working on a documentary, i need something to get me going on the correct tract with money.
The best investment i made is with desktop documentaries, the short and long budget plan that is laid out has made my job so much easier, the information and the way it is organized open up a completely new way and so much easier way to get organized and get the money i need to get to Morocco.All i can say is you need this if you want to do a small or large project, i am more than pleased with this budgeting template pack.

Life saver!
by: Carla Sánchez

I am so excited because today is the deadline for a grant I'm applying for and I'm making it all possible because of your program (fundraising tool kit). Thank you. The budget templates are so perfect for my project. It is like I hired you to work personally with me on my project!

very detailed, informative
by: Graeme DB

Thank you for your follow-up regarding my purchase of your Documentary Proposal Template and Budget Template Combo Pack.

I have written a mid 19th century Australia, 1-hour docu-drama trilogy. What the templates/guides have done, so far, is give me a more rounded 'picture' of Proposal and Budgeting approaches, other than numerous, currently held ways and means here in Australia. Both your templates are very detailed and therefore informative. Thank you, for the encouragement.

Graeme DB, Australia
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highly recommended
by: James M. Williams Jr., Alaska USA

It is clear that Faith Fuller; proprietor of has put a great deal of effort and thought into her combo-pack products.

Her knowledge of the craft of filmmaking and videos is evident in these products. Her layout and descriptions of her products makes it easy for just about anyone to understand what she’s explaining. Her explanations are clear and concise and written in plain English and without all the technical jargon that other people in this field use, sometimes in excess.

The Budget Template is straightforward and simple to understand. Her approach to the issue of video or film budgeting for production is clear and easy to follow. Anyone wanting to create a budget but have no clear understanding of how to create and write a budget for his or her production would benefit greatly from the Budget Template and E-Guide.

I am pleased to recommend this product for anyone interested in it. The prices for the products are more than fair and reasonable. Thank you Faith, for all your hard work.

James M. Williams Jr.
Proprietor: Raven's Feather Studio & Froglips Productions

(submitted via Facebook)
by: Chris Dodd

This is a great pack, which if used correctly should ensure that any production can be accurately budgeted! Would definitely recommend!

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