1-Week (Pop-Up) Challenge
Starts: Saturday Nov 30, 2019
Ends: Saturday, Dec 7, 2019

Something fun!

What is the ONE thing you can accomplish in the next week that will move your documentary forward? Even just a little bit!

Ideas include:

  • Raise $100, $1000 or even $10,000!
  • Conduct one interview
  • Scout a location
  • Edit a 1-minute trailer
  • Build a web page
  • Create a Facebook Group
  • Write a rough draft script
  • Buy a new microphone or camera
  • Write your fundraising proposal
  • Craft your budget

Share your challenge below and we will help hold you accountable.

1. Save the link to this page

2. Follow up here during this next week and share your progress.

3. Anyone who joins the challenge and posts an update for each day of the challenge will be automatically eligible for a 50% coupon in our Learning Center.

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