Making Documentaries:
"Which Course Is Right For Me?"


Looking to upgrade your filmmaking skills? You've come to the right place!

Desktop Documentaries offers a wide range of documentary courses taught by Oscar-nominated and award-winning filmmakers covering every step of the documentary filmmaking process: from idea development to fundraising to distribution!

Wondering which course is right for you? Read on below...



If you're a beginner and just starting out, here are the best courses for you:

Documentary Starter Kit - this is a FREE 3-part mini-course to get you started!

7-Day Documentary Crash Course - A fun & interactive course that takes you step-by-step through the entire documentary process. In just seven days, you’ll learn the ins and outs of making a documentary, from interviewing, to filming, to editing, and distributing your film. First-time filmmakers love this course!

Documentary Fundraising 101 + Film Funders Pack - If you're new to fundraising, you'll be amazed what you learn in this course. 

​Documentary Legal Forms [Starter Pack] - Every filmmaker needs this essential pack of legal forms to start filming.​ Includes Talent Release, Location Release, Crew Deal Memo and more!

Documentary Idea Development - Just getting started? Learn how to consistently generate sellable documentaries ideas for premium streamers & channels including Netflix, Discovery+, Paramount+, HBO and more!


If you've been shooting for a while, and consider yourself an intermediate or advanced filmmaker, here are the best courses to consider:

Documentary Storytelling & Scriptwriting 101 Essentials - A course to help you get clarity with your story. If you're overwhelmed with your ideas, footage and interviews, this is for you! Join Oscar-Nominated Daniel Raim for this fascinating class. Includes quarterly live Q&A group coaching calls!

​Documentary Proposal & Pitch Deck Template Pack - A must-have if you're applying for grant funding! Includes a grant writing masterclass, plus all the templates and samples needed to craft your pitch.

Documentary Budget Template Pack (Bundle) - A terrific packet of budgeting tutorials, budgets/samples and a detailed Going Rates Pricing Sheet. (Perfect companion with the Proposal Template Pack)

Documentary Legal Forms [Post-Production Pack] - A pack of 6 essential legal forms you'll need in the post-production phase (Music sync license, Composer Agreement, etc)


If you're in the distribution phase of your documentary and trying to figure out the business side:

NETFLIX 2023: Selling Your Film To Netflix - Learn what it takes to get your film onto the world's most popular streaming network and other top streamers. Includes a complete step-by-step in-depth video tutorial series, 50+ Netflix contact names, 900+ searchable Netflix documentary database and much much more! Plus regular live Q&A's with the instructor.

Distribution 101: Selling Your Documentary For Maximum Profit and Impact - A great compliment to the Netflix course! Learn all the incredible ways to sell and monetize your film. By the end of this course, you'll have a complete monetization plan and strategy for your film. Includes 210+ searchable database of film agents and buyers.

Documentary Case Studies - 51 in-depth case studies of award winning documentaries & reality TV projects. A unique info-packed resource!

Documentary Legal & Business Essentials Tool Kit - Learn how to protect yourself as a filmmaker and all the legal ins and outs of making a film from Entertainment Attorney Gordon Firemark.This course is appropriate for all skill levels. Includes 14 legal forms/contracts, 100+ legal Q&A's PLUS regular live legal group Q&A's with Attorney Firemark!

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