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Loved the other books, looking forward to this one NEW
by: Mike

I loved the Proposal Writing book — so far this Fundraising book looks to be a winner as well. Great job.

by: Joseph East

Faith Fuller's Documentary Fundraising Guide is an amazing book full of inspiration, personal anecdotes and fundraising wisdom. The content is very relatable and easy to grasp. I am launching a Kickstarter campaign for my documentary and I couldn't do it without this guide. I love this book!

Joseph East
Documentary Filmmaker

This is All You Need NEW
by: Shannon

Simply put, this book is the only one you need when developing and marketing your documentary. I've read countless books on production, distribution and marketing of films in today's marketplace. Although each was informational in its own way, none tie all aspects together in a concise, highly-engaging format like this book.

Practical and Inspirational
by: Jon Matthews

If you're thinking about making a documentary, this book is a must have. It's great on so many levels. It's encouraging and inspirational. But also practical. This book gave me everything I needed to get started. It made the daunting seem possible. I highly recommend it!

by: Clancy Smith

Hi Faith. Read this in one sitting. Out of all the other material I've read your book allowed for the realization that I CAN DO THIS! Thanks. Clancy

by: Anonymous

This guide has really opened my eyes towards filmmaking and the way to raise funds for my documentaries.

I cannot do without DESKTOP DOCUMENTARIES!

Highly recommended!
by: C. Scott Woodings

I was up half the night last night reading your book (Documentary Fundraising Guide) and all I can say is it is PERFECT and comes to me at a time when I really needed this information. I am in the process of creating a doc that has been a dream of mine for years.

Your book brings it all together and walks me down a path that will make the job of bringing my dream to reality a much easier task. This is one of the BEST BOOKS I have ever read. It is organized in such great manner that it makes that task much easier to conquer.

It breaks that "Mountain" of creating a Doc from scratch to finish into "Smaller Boulders" and consequently becomes much easier rather than so daunting. NOW I am excited about getting MY dream off the drawing board!

I want to thank you again Faith. You will never know how much I appreciate it. I would Highly recommend this wonderful book to ANYONE who has a dream of creating a documentary!

C. Scott Woodings
Executive Producer

A Door Opener for Funding Dollars
by: Stephen Ellzey

From the very start, Documentary Fundraising Guide, fuels your fundraising campaign with high octane. 30+ years in Marketing taught me that mind-set is crucial and Faith begins her guide with a pithy explanation of setting your mental course before you begin the journey.

And the journey gets even better with recommendations on who to contact, how to approach various funders and organizations and how to include psychological motivation in your pitch. All in all, a fabulous guide for those beginning their journey and those doing it so long they may have forgotten some of these compelling ways to a funder's heart.

Steve Ellzey
Executive Producer
AMP Community Television

by: Michael Flaherty

Just read through your "Documentary Fundraising Guide E-book" and am impressed with the clarity in which you set out the fundraising process. Some of the strategies are well known but you have included many I have not considered. When it comes to technology, I suppose in some ways I am a bit of a dinosaur yet your book was easy to follow and I am enthusiastic about trying out some of the current popular internet media campaigns as well as pursuing the traditional sources that you also covered.

Thanks for helping me structure how I will gather funds for my documentary.

tons of info
by: James M. Williams Jr.

The information you provide is valuable beyond reason and a great resource for people wanting to do their own fundraising. I quickly skimmed the (fundraising guide) book this morning from front to back and I'm amazed at the amount of info and resources you're including.

Reading your materials has given me a greater understanding of just how important finances are. I had a good idea before I discovered your website, and more important, you, however my understanding has grown exponentially since then.

I went online using the link you emailed to me from "" and wow, what a great idea. I'm thinking about how I should make a promo short to promote fundraising for my project right now, while it's still fresh in my mind! Thank you Faith, great ideas, great thinking!

James M. Williams Jr.
Proprietor: Raven's Feather Studio

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