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Fundraising 101 Course
by: Courtney Q.

Excellent course. You don't assume that we know the basics! You spell out things that are probably obvious to someone with a bit of experience. Great for beginners.

Many take-aways
by: David Williams

David WilliamsAs a former nonprofit executive director many of the points covered within the course were familiar to me. However, filtered through the lens of raising funds for a documentary (my first!) the ground covered was a comforting reminder of how to do this sort of thing. There were many, many take-aways.

very encouraging
by: Cat Russell

Cat RussellThere are many ways your toolkit has been helpful, and I haven't really started to utilize it yet! You have organized vast information and wisdom, all in one document. Any independent filmmaker can benefit from this. It's very encouraging, and this is substantially important. You are moving us from fence sitters to doers in all sorts of ways. It changed my mindset from failing and needing last-minute help, to conducting a winning campaign. This detail has a fundamentally positive impact on how I view myself. A good thing!

Your new fundraising course: "Dead On"
by: Murv Seymour

MurvI produced my first independent documentary a few years ago. I raised about $20,000 via Kickstarter and some private fundraisers. I wish I had discovered this course before I produced my first flick. Your information on who donates and why is dead on. The goal for my next film is $100,000. When I'm done with your lessons, hopefully I will have more tools at my finger tips to get there.

Murv Seymour
Producer l Director l Writer
Killer B3

by: Amber Talarico

I am currently reading everything. And oh my Lanta, this course is the most helpful tool I have EVER come by! I am SO happy I came across it. Thank you for putting all the time and effort in creating this. You are helping hundreds if not thousands of people. I will be sure to promote this to all my other film friends!

Thank You!
by: Richard Graves

I just wanted to Thank You so much for offering your Toolkit. Wow, I had no idea so much would be involved! This is my first time attempting anything like this, and if it wasn’t for your Documentary Toolkit, I would be lost, really. The only reason I have a website and a high quality trailer is because of how much you emphasized this in your books. And you have really helped to keep me focused on the steps to take on a daily basis to reach my goal. Thanks again for your support and feedback, Faith. I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Richard Anthony Graves, Director

Great help!
by: Agatha Krzewinski

I am currently in production of my first documentary, and purchasing Faith's fundraising tool kit has helped me tremendously over the past year. I still use the kit to this day as I write proposals and treatments and put budgets together. It's a great resource to have and also at an affordable price. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in making documentaries!

Thank you!
by: Judith de Boer

(Sent via private e-mail, reprinted here with permission from the author)

Dear Faith,

I'm really happy and grateful to have found your products. I have used the budget template and will use the other elements this week for a documentary idea I have!

I really think it's quite unique to find so much practical information for [what seems] no money.

I'm working as a (film) colourist for over 15 years now and have this docu idea for 2 years.. Because of my experience and complaints of directors and makers in the field I was scared to start-up this project but now that I found your products (I was searching for a budget tool for a short commissioned mini-docu) I feel kind of confident that I will somehow succeed with my docu!
I have faith :-) ;)

super helpful
by: Mike Alahouzos

(Sent via private e-mail, reprinted here with permission from the author)

Hi Faith,

The books have been super helpful — I pitched a proposal to people who made one of my favorite documentary films, and they invited me to work with them for a few months. It was great. Now I'm looking forward to fundraising for the project. We couldn't have done it without you.

A huge thanks,

Perfect combination of knowledge and templates
by: Jimmy Newson

Thank you Faith! I have been filming small business clients and private clients for about three years now and decided to make the move over to documentaries. There were a lot of unanswered questions and I have already purchased other help packages and after spending the weekend with your Documentary Fundraising Tool Kit, it has become my blueprint as I make the transition into documentary filmmaking. I will definitely be contacting you for a consultation. Your product is spot on!


Jimmy Newson
JLN Media

by: Carla Sánchez

I wanted to say you saved my filmmaking life. Your system is so easy and convenient to use. Thank you. I'm very happy I bought the whole toolkit, this system is well worth the money and some more.

Carla Sánchez
Creator & Director of "Incurable Diseases" Is it a Business?
-The Documentary-

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