"Documentary Legal and Business Essentials Tool Kit"

Documentary Legal and Business Essentials Tool Kit


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What Students Are Saying:


"Gives Confidence"
by Fairlie Arrow/Storynmotion Films

"I love Gordon’s course. As a documentary filmmaker, understanding the must-know legal and business essentials gives me the confidence in knowing where I stand dealing with everything from pre-production through post, especially when it comes to making sure I have all the required paperwork to move forward. Great course to have under your belt."


By Matthew Richardson/Pele Pictures

"I loved how the legal was explained clearly with examples and the Q & A from other students in each section of the course. It answered 95% of my questions."


"Very thorough and helpful"
By Annette King/Splicer Films

"We felt confident starting production with all the release and legal forms necessary to protect our interests and mitigate any legal risk. Thank you to Gordon for very helpful resources and openness to discuss specific use cases!"


"Worth the Investment"
by Leonard Smith III/LS3 Studios

"This came at the perfect time. It's worth the investment if you are serious about filmmaking."


"Amazing and Helpful"
by Ramy Hassan/Director-Producer

"This whole legal thing was so daunting before your course. I had no idea where to start. And I just want to say how amazing it's been and how helpful you've been. Thank you!"


"SO well done"
by Bob Williams/Films For Good

"SO well done - simple, but not too simple. Comprehensive, but not exhausting. I particularly liked the ability to have both slides and video to go back and forth between, and to use as reference. The quiz questions were very fair - and affirming. Frankly I did not expect to so throughly enjoy what frankly is a bit dry bunch of stuff! Congratulations! This is not easy to do!"


by Thadius Bonapart III / Bonapart Media

"This course is excellent. What I love most is the simplicity. It's an outstanding tool!"


By Zian Chavez

"Thank you. Your help has been immeasurable. Easing the nerves of a new film maker. Your legal guidance has made a huge difference in my film making experience."


By Shigeru Hirai

"This course is quite comprehensive and covers much larger range than I expected of the legal issues related to documentary filmmaking, which is fantastic."


By: James G

"I have been working a la carte with a lawyer on my doc at great expense. So, I just signed up (for the Documentary Legal Tool Kit). The price is incredible, and this is not a paid endorsement from me. Just life experience. Looking forward to it! Thanks!

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