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If you’re trying to raise support or funding for your documentary project, you'll need a documentary proposal. It’s just that simple. Potential funders need to see something in writing that explains your vision and plan for your film.

That’s why we’ve created this Documentary Proposal Template so that you know exactly what to include in your proposal and exactly how to present it.

Tell us -- Was this template helpful to you? Would you recommend it to other filmmakers? Suggestions and feedback ALWAYS welcome.

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high marks
by: Agnieszka Baginska, Australia

It was worth every $. I would definitely recommend to anyone who's new to the business of writing proposals (or) treatments. Thank you

highly recommended
by: James M. Williams Jr., Alaska USA

This product is loaded with information valuable and necessary to the documentary filmmaker or videographer wanting to write a proposal.

I can tell you, as someone who wrote many proposals
over the years that; this product is a necessary and valuable tool for anyone who has no working knowledge of proposal writing.

Although I studied proposal writing online and purchased several books that pertain to proposal writing, none of them offer the information that is contained in this product. After reading through this proposal template, I saw all the mistakes I have been making very clearly. I am therefore, happy to endorse and recommend it wholeheartedly, thank you!

James M. Williams Jr.
Proprietor: Raven's Feather Studio & Froglips Productions

very detailed, informative
by: Graeme DB

Thank you for your follow-up regarding my purchase of your Documentary Proposal Template and Budget Template Combo Pack.

I have written a mid 19th century Australia, 1-hour docu-drama trilogy. What the templates/guides have done, so far, is give me a more rounded 'picture' of Proposal and Budgeting approaches, other than numerous, currently held ways and means here in Australia. Both your templates are very detailed and therefore informative. Thank you, for the encouragement.

"Brilliant" (Submitted via Facebook)
by: Carla Sánchez

Amazing resource for proposal grant writing. Recently my film proposal was called "Brilliant" from a very well known film proposal reviewer and it was because I followed this amazing template! I truly couldn't have done it with this! Thank you Faith Fuller and her desktop documentaries tools!

by: Judy Hirshfeld

JudyI was so relieved to find Desktop Documentaries! I need help then and there and felt so stuck with zero help in site! I found Faith at Desktop Documentaries and that literally saved my film!

Their templates were easy to use and 10 minutes before I found them I wanted to give up because it seemed hopeless!

With these done-for-you templates, you simply write in what you know about your film, the easy part, they have done all the technical end of things for us. Phew. I now I get to do my job and live my dream because of their teams support! I HIGHLY recommend them!!

Taking The Leap
by: Lee T.

I've just taken the first leap and purchased the Desktop Documentaries template on preparing a fundraising documentary proposal. I've briefly read the contents. I already love it and I can't wait to sink my teeth into writing up the proposal.

by: Maria Zakarchenko

It helped me focus my thoughts. Also went into specifics I otherwise would not have thought of.

by: Manola Carter

I liked all the explanations and points important to include in the various sections of the proposal writing process.

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